Supernatural Tattoos, Much More Than Art

Supernatural Tattoo

Tattoos are more than art, they can be fashion statements, a symbol of belief, and sometimes give a sense of belonging. Additionally, some people have tattoos to remember an event, a departed soul, or to show love to their loved ones. There are different kinds of tattoos made for different purposes. For instance, there is a supernatural tattoo, a religious tattoo, a love tattoo, and so on. This article will delve into various supernatural tattoos inspired by a television show, “The Winchester Goodness.”

Tattoo inspiration

Supernatural Tattoo
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Fans of the show couldn’t let go even after the completion of the latest season. The show is a supernatural series that has produced several seasons over the years. As such, there are products, merchandise, tattoos, and many more made after the series.

Of all the inspired merch, tattoos were more popular, since the show was full of actors playing characters with tattoos. Hence, a Winchester Goodness supernatural tattoo became the latest trend. Fans started getting various supernatural tattoos as a way of supporting the series. The following are fan-made Supernatural tattoos popular among movie fans:

Anti Possession Tattoo With Wings

It is a rare back tattoo drafted from the Supernatural movie series that covers the back. A famous tattoo parlor created this masterpiece because of their love for the show. The tattoo has almost all the vital features of the movie. For example, there is one broken and bony wing and there is another fully feathered wing. These wings belong to Castiel, a character in the show. Also, there are amulets and exorcism symbols in the tattoo, together with the initials of two main characters. In the earliest series, these characters wrote their initials on their car.

Castiel’s Weapon

The fighting tool is a powerful, huge dagger named “Angel Blade” that can annihilate angels. Castiel and his siblings repeatedly use this dagger to fight others. A fan drew this tattoo in a unique pattern. The tattoo has a blade with a wisp in a light blue color that surrounds it. The creativity and symbolism of the tattoo drew the attention of many social media users.

The First Blade

The Supernatural series has several weapons repeatedly used by its characters, like the First Blade weapon. Although the fighting tool isn’t as prominent as other tools, it is useful for the characters. It helped them to kill the brutal evil lord in the movie. A famous tattoo artist drew a tattoo that looked like the exact weapon on the arm. Unlike most supernatural tattoos, this one isn’t colored and is a simple style. Die-hard fans recognized the tattoo immediately after the artist posted it on Instagram.

The Angel Touch Tattoo

Supernatural Season 4 brought with it a myriad of symbols, artifacts, and words that became tattoo inspirations. The most prominent is the handprint burnt on Dean’s shoulder from when Castiel rescued him from Hell. A popular tattoo artist has replicated this burnt mark as a tattoo with artifacts and symbols. The result is a stunning tattoo that leaves the viewer in awe. If you love Castiel’s character, then you will appreciate this fan-made tattoo.

Family Acronymic Tattoos

In one of the Supernatural movies, Bobby Singer enlightened another younger character about the importance of family. His words became an iconic catchphrase, long after the show ended. Hence, some fans on the internet drew artifacts, symbols, and movie quotes on their arms. Some fans acknowledged that they got the supernatural tattoo because it looked lovely. Others said they love the symbolism of the tattoo.

Banner Quotes Written Inside an Impala Tattoo

This tattoo is made as a tribute to Chevy Impala, a 1967 classic movie of the Supernatural series. The tattoo was created in Texas for fans of the show. It is a blue sleeve tattoo that showcases some of the movie’s artifacts and catchphrases. To some individuals, having a tattoo makes you look cool. While to others, it is a reference to the 1967 movie.

Angel’s Wings With Halo Crown

This is another Chevy Impala-inspired tattoo. It was designed by a famous tattoo artist in the US. It features an angel’s wing bent low to cover a car used in the Supernatural series. In addition, an amulet was draped over the hood of the vehicle. Furthermore, a quote from a song was written on a banner inside the tattoo. All these details made the tattoo an intricate design with many hidden messages.

The Exorcism Tattoo

An avid fan of the movie got an incantation and anti-possession tattoo. The tattoo is inspired by the movie characters who used protective words and tools to ward off evil. One of them even performed an exorcism with the incantation. This fan-made supernatural tattoo has words written in Latin with two English words. Only those who really watched the movie can recognize the words.


In summary, the tattoos used in the Winchester Goodness symbolize many things. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, gives protection to the characters in the movies, and many more. So for the fans that have a supernatural tattoo, they feel like they are on the side of good.

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