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With countless brands vying for consumer’s attention today, paid, owned and earned media are the strategies that can make you be seen and stand out amidst the noise. Here is a quick overview of what they mean together with the pros and cons.

Media type Roles Examples Pros Cons
Owned media These are channels owned and controlled by a brand.
  • Establish a distinct voice in a crowded market
  • Serves as a medium to establish long term relationship with consumers
  • A foundation to develop content themes and demonstrate expertise

website, social media channels, blog, emails, mobile sites, newsletter

  • Total control of contents and channels.
  • Focus on a niche audience
  • Cost-effective
  • Longevity and consistency of content
  • Takes time and effort to scale
  • Requires strong marketing strategy for success
  • Needs constant internal maintenance
Paid media Paid media as the name suggests is any content marketing that you pay for.
  • Gain more content exposure
  • A simple yet effective means of promoting owned media
  • A content catalyst feeding both owned and earned media

Paid social media ads, search engine marketing (SEM), Social media advertising, Video ads, Podcast ads.

  • Drives conversions from multiple marketing channels
  • Gives instant results
  • Ease of control of contents
  • Reduction in response rate
  • Poor credibility if owned media is not well-managed
  • Increased competition
  • Getting more expensive
Earned media These are exposure or conversion gained from external channels.
  • A result of successful owned and paid media
  • Build brand reputation and establish credibility
  • Amplifies brand exposure and reach.

customer reviews and testimonials, magazines and newspaper articles, word of mouth, guest posts, interviews, social media recognitions, podcast invitations.

  • Most credible as it is not a paid source
  • It increases brand awareness
  • Plays a key role in marketing strategies.
  • Lack of control over content generated about the brand
  • Poor credibility if owned media is not well-managed
  • Increased competition
  • Getting more expensive