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Looking for a platform to express yourself and make your voice heard without being seen, you are in the right direction and we are ready to make your dream come through.  This is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create an amazing, life-changing, unique audio program, distribute it among millions of listening channels and also make money.  Our goal is to help you grow your topic and expand your views. 

Our production tools are unique and simple to operate

Our production tools make it easy for you to record your podcast, edit it to your taste, and also upload it from your device. The tools also tune your sound for a high-quality sound.

Our distribution is free

We help you distribute your podcast to every listening platform and spread your voice for the world. From Spotify to Apple Podcasts, you have no limit. Our storage device is unlimited and our hosting is free.

Make money from your podcast

We allow you to do audio ads recording on your podcast and add it to each of your podcast episodes. The ads are played when people listen to your podcast which helps you to generate money no matter your audience. 

Monitor your growth

Our analytical tools help you monitor your growth and see who listens to your podcast, their countries, and how engaging your podcast is. You can also track your growth across every listening platform and know the amount of money you have generated from each platform. 

Add your favorite music

Are you a lover of music and love to mix it with your podcast, we get you covered. Express yourself by adding music from any music channel to your podcast. Our different soundtrack  helps you to combine sound to your podcast episodes for a relaxing, soothing sound.

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