Essential Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Instagram Followers Happy


We are often frustrated to see that some of our posts are not as successful as others. And while we know this is part of making life on Instagram, we understand this feeling, and we don’t like it! However, when we see that the valleys are becoming more radical, perhaps it is time to analyze our strategy. It doesn’t matter if your growth has been organic or if you decided to buy Instagram followers:

The real job is to keep them. Below we will explain the best tips and tricks to keep your Instagram followers happy and satisfied.

Get more followers

You are surely wondering how getting more followers influences how satisfied those you already have with your content are. A greater number of followers imply a greater exposure that is clear. But in addition to that, a greater number of followers is a sign that you are relevant and Instagram users often respond to this sign, even if it is out of curiosity or unconsciously. Also, maybe that great photo you posted will generate even more interactions if we see that it is accompanied by a significant number of likes and several comments. That is precisely the trick, the more conversation and interactions you generate the more followers you will have.

But we understand that gaining followers organically is easier said than done, that is why at Social Point we strive to offer you a service that can help you in this regard. By buying Instagram followers on our platform you will be getting the number of followers you want with just a couple of clicks. Best of all, these followers are real users and 100% authentic.

Make quality posts consistently

We will never tire of repeating it: The key is to be consistent. It is useless for us to get thousands and thousands of followers if we do not offer them content that makes them stay on our account. Whether we never post or don’t post consistently, this may be one of the reasons our followers are ignoring our posts, or worse: by hitting the Unfollow button! Creating quality posts takes time, and it’s also not about posting every day, multiple times a day. But we must find a balance that allows us to generate good content on a regular basis to keep our followers updated with what we are doing. Even Instagram stories are the ideal alternative to support you in this regard. If you are extremely careful about the aesthetics of your feed, maybe you could consider posting a bit more spontaneous content in your stories to show your followers that you are still there, but we will talk about that later.

Connect with your followers

This we have also said several times. The reason why social networks have grown so fast is that it is two-way channel, in which the audience not only sees what they post but can like or comment. Understanding this is crucial to bonding with your followers. Maybe returning a few likes, replying to comments from your followers can give your account the boost you’re looking for. Think about it: The charm of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network is the possibility of generating conversations, and being reciprocal with these conversations will make your followers have an accessible image of you, generate a lasting link, and stay tuned to your next post.

Provide Useful Content

At the end of the day, the real trick of Instagram, like any other social network, is to participate. People who follow you do so because they enjoy what you are offering them, so you should think about continuing to publish and improve your content from there. Think of your followers as a community that is there to see you and interact with you. Generating and maintaining these interactions will be the key to your success on Instagram. If you are just starting out in social networks or if you already have time in this and want to continue learning, stay tuned to our site. At Social Point, we are constantly looking for new tips and tricks to help you grow and improve, as well as services such as buying Instagram followers and other platforms.

Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are perfect for boosting your followers’ interactions with your content and allow you to generate content quickly and spontaneously so that your followers see who is the person behind the content that enjoy in your feed. In addition, thanks to the expiration of the stories you can allow yourself to be more flexible with the content you publish. It is not necessary that it fits perfectly in terms of aesthetics or that it follows exactly the same guidelines that you have for your publications. Enjoy them!

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