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We ensure your press release is distributed to your target audience through the right channels without delay. Connect with several media organizations and have a fabulous market result from trusting us. Plus, great customer satisfaction with consistent output is what makes us stand out.  Submit your press release today and see how we work together to distribute it among larger sections of the audience.  A great place for the unmatchable distribution of your press release.

Multichannel distribution

Prime profit media ensures your press release is widely distributed across the globe to the right audience, at the right time, through the right channel.  This is expertly carried out by reaching out through our media contact to millions of industries, news outlet, and bloggers that covers your target audience. 

Reach your target audience

Spread your message to the world by connecting with journalists across different walks of life and distribute your press release to thousands of businesses, traditional media outlets, and many social platforms. 

Track your press release

Know the social media statistics and the number of people that have seen your press release. How engaging your press release is, its details on a search engine, and how it is been distributed. 

Targeted journalist

We build a network chain for you by nurturing our relationships with many bloggers and journalists across different industries, social media platforms, and news outlets. This makes your press release to be evenly distributed throughout the globe. 


We value transparency and communication. We make every step known to you along the way while carrying out your selected plan

Target distribution

We connect with the specific news outlets, magazines, and media platforms all over the world who are more interested in your press release. 

Know your readers

You know the countries your readers are, and how wide your press release has been widely distributed. We help you track your press release views from all over the world.

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