How it works?

Where does it go ?

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You have content you want the world to see? You must have already known it doesn’t matter much the time and effort you invest in content. If it is not been seen by the right audience, it is a total waste.  

Profit media does a special kind of approach to content marketing. We are equipped with the right tools and strategies to get your content right at the doorsteps of where it will gain the recognition it deserves. 

Our tactics are simple yet powerful. We don’t need to bluff. Our happy clients are enough conviction of our expertise. We not only drive insane quality traffic to your page but get them glued.  This is where we don’t just talk the talk but also walk the walk. We can take your content to the next level and set your brand up for success. 

We leverage multiple formats and channels for content promotion and distribution. Our distribution networks are crammed into one or more of these categories.

Traditional newsroom

We set you up as a brand publisher producing relevant engaging content to customers and a wider target audience. You gain authority in your industry and be the brand your audience will trust. Besides, whether it’s a press release or articles, we get your content to the public’s eyes through the well-established traditional media and PR agencies. 

Search engine

The secret to insane traffic and leads- marrying SEO and content marketing strategy. If your content is not ranking on major search engines, how can your audience discover it? We walk you towards the top to give you a competitive ranking advantage that drives positive results. 

Social media

We drive your content to the audience and your audience to your content using different social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Be it owned media or paid ads, we have got you covered. 

Digital newsroom

Do you know your content is competing with a staggering 4.4 million blog posts published every day? Let’s put a brilliant combination of analytics, automation, and best-in-class technologies to nail a digital newsroom that stands out among others. 

Content partners

We are proud of our content partners and they are proud of us. Our writers, producers, broadcasters, publishers and media houses are making things happen. Of course, great work can only be possible with great partners. 

From press releases and news announcements to company fact sheets and video coverage to articles and podcasts, let’s do it!