Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

Social Media Marketing for nonprofits

According to Matthew Brannelly, nonprofits are confronted with an immense financial burden. The demand for services is at an all-time high, putting the burden on their resources as seeking external help is limited.

Nonprofits rely on donations, and during these health crises raising funds poses a significant challenge. The reports of The Salvation Army indicate that as compared to previous years, funding rising stooped to 18 %. But all credit to social media platforms, non-profit setups with strategies have been able to reach their fundraising and selling goals. During the pandemic, people have become relaxed with digital devices captivating the customer base for engagement.

An example that emerges is Orbit NFP Hub founded by Matthew Brannelly provides professional help to non-profit organizations.

Social Media and their Benefits to Nonprofit Organizations

For a Nonprofits, it is an effective tool for marketing. The major advantages include

  • Social media posts tend to be free
  • Social media provides word-of-mouth publicity about the organization’s mission.
  • Social media posts attract new donors and keep the existing ones engaged.
  • By social media marketing, new volunteers register.
  • Every post has a link to the donor page of an organization.

Numerous popular nonprofits have working social media marketing methods for operating successful marketing modules says Matthew Brannelly. Their philosophy is to ensure that an organization follows transparent protocols and opts for maximum efficiency. They have a network of professionals that enables an organization to align with its vision and mission statement.

The Popular Social Media Platforms for the Nonprofit Organizations

There are numerous social media platforms, but let us explore the popular ones used by them.

1. Facebook

Currently, they have nearly 2.8 billion active users monthly. It happens to be the most popular social media platform. The posts on this platform are short as people lack interest in lengthy paragraphs. At the starting of the post, incorporate the donation link and then follow it with a brief outline.

Also, another way to boost the number of supporters on Facebook is to run ads. There is a lookalike viewers Facebook audience where you can target similar users to the donors or supports to raise engagement. Even you can share live actions on this platform.

2. YouTube

This platform has around 2 billion active users, owned by Google; it is a popular platform. Various marketers, businesses rely on YouTube for marketing their products or services.

As part of your social media marketing component, YouTube is a vital component. If the channel becomes trendy, you can earn money. Fundraises replicate the same as Facebook fundraisers. Adjacent to the live stream or video, there is a donation button.

The feature of the super chat will make the users emphasized during the duration of a live chat. During community fundraisers, they turn out to be a popular advertising tool.

Since Google goes on to cover all the starter fees, the nonprofit organization is going to have a leading source of funds.

3. Instagram

There are currently over a million energetic users owned by Facebook. Audio and video sharing is possible. Among the teenage group, this platform is popular. On Instagram, hashtags are essential and use them liberally when you post on this platform.

Even there is an option to be hosting a live event. A non-profit organization relies on Instagram to share their fundraising events where users can actively participate in donations. More followers are gained by encouraging an interactive session, and through Instagram, story questions can be answered. As compared to posts, stories are viewed more in numbers.

Donation stickers can be added to your Instagram stories so that others can donate. In these stories, you can increase the visibility but the engagement of the users. When you are developing a post, Instagram has an option of pinning your location. It provides your organization with a wider reach and showcases your credibility.


To conclude, professional expertise with Orbit NFB Hub is the way forward. Along with your management team, there are a set of expert professionals like Matthew Brannelly, providing tailor-made solutions to achieve an organization’s goals. Their objective is to streamline the revenue procedures by decreasing costs and lend expert advice in governance and procurement.

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