Who Is The Girlfriend of Sean Strickland? Everything You Should Know!

sean strickland girlfriend

Discover all there is to know about Sean Strickland girlfriend. The UFC middleweight champion, Sean “Tarzan” Strickland, won the championship earlier this year after shocking everyone at UFC 293. Everyone was in awe of his triumph over Israel Adesanya in the main event. 2008 saw Strickland begin his mixed martial arts career with King of the Cage, where he won nine times and lost none, an amazing record. In 2014, Strickland successfully obtained a UFC contract and went on to have an impressive career in the octagon.

One of the most unexpected developments in MMA in 2023 was the discovery of Sean Strickland girlfriend from the previous year. To many’s astonishment, though, Strickland has been in a relationship with his girlfriend—who goes by the initials KJ—at least since October 14, 2022, when he shared a picture of her on his Instagram page.

The Girlfriend of Sean Strickland is Who?

Many UFC fans have recently connected Sean Strickland to Nina Maria, a YouTuber and UFC interviewer who is well-known for her channel “Nina Drama.” On her YouTube channel, Nina and Sean Strickland have collaborated on several videos. Sean Strickland and Nina are only close acquaintances; they aren’t romantically involved. Tarzan recently disclosed information about his girlfriend in an interview. “I am deeply in love with my girlfriend. Yes, I did. You guys, she improves me as a man. I told my girlfriend the other day, ‘Babe, whenever I think about splitting up with you, I think about all the p***y I can get.'” Strickland said.

“I reflect on my identity before our meeting. Even while I enjoy my alone time and getting all censored with you guys, my girl makes me a better man and a better baby, and for that, I am grateful. What is the occupation of Sean Strickland girlfriend? Sean Strickland has deliberately avoided putting his girlfriend in the spotlight or interacting with his admirers. But in an embed Vlog for UFC 293, he talked about her and revealed her nickname, “KJ.” Strickland even used the occasion to tell his girlfriend how much he loved her.

The Middleweight Champion of The UFC Has Kept His Girlfriend a Secret

Rumour has it that the two have been dating since at least October 2022. While Strickland and his girlfriend are having a great time together, Champion undoubtedly wants to keep her lady love hidden. Information about his partner is scarce. All that is known about Sean Strickland girlfriend. ‘Love is that they are deeply in love with one another. In the video teaser for UFC 293—a rare appearance by Sean Strickland girlfriend At UFC 293, Sean Strickland faced Israel Adesanya, the reigning middleweight champion of the UFC, for his first-ever opportunity at the title. Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland both took jabs at one another in the build-up to the fight.

Strickland made a rare appearance in the vlog series and was included in the UFC 293 video preview. On his way to his biggest championship bout, Strickland’s girlfriend was there to encourage him. At UFC 293 Tarzan stunned the world and almost took Izzy out. Judges awarded the championship bout in favour of Sean Strickland after five rounds, and Strickland went on to defeat Israel Adesanya via decision. Strickland will make his UFC middleweight title defence debut against Dricus Du Plessis at the UFC’s inaugural big pay-per-view, UFC 297, in January.

Additionally featured in the recorded interview was Strickland’s opponent for UFC 297, Dricuis Du Plessis. Their feud started last month at a convention when the South African brought up Strickland’s troubled upbringing, which set off a furious outburst from the champion.

On social media, Du Plessis posted messages from Strickland threatening to stab him if he ever mentioned his early years again. Nevertheless, the challenger rated second said he is not concerned about Strickland hitting him before their scheduled match. “Am I afraid he will ruin this fight for himself? Yes. I have given that considerable thought. Maybe trying everything to avoid it, but no, the previous press conference was winning on the mike for me right now,” Du Plessis stated.

“It was defeating Sean Strickland in his element. I’m not here to do it at this moment, this week. My goal is to become the entire globe’s middleweight champion. Making comedy is not my priority; fighting is.”


1. What is the name of Sean Strickland’s girlfriend?

A. The entire name of Sean Strickland girlfriend isn’t known, although, in the UFC-embedded vlogs, she went by “KJ.”

2. What is the ranking of Sean Strickland? The middleweight champion of the UFC is

A. Sean Strickland.

3. Does Sean Strickland have a spouse?

A. The answer is no, Sean Strickland is single.

4. Is Sean Strickland attached to someone?

A. Sean Strickland claims that he is in a relationship.

5. Is the public aware of Sean Strickland’s romantic status?

A. The public is aware of Sean Strickland’s relationship status.

6. Is Sean Strickland the winner against Israel Adesanya?

A. The UFC Middleweight Champion, Sean Strickland, defeated Israel Adesanya by unanimous decision at UFC 293.

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