Gemi Bordelon: LSU Fan, Wife, Mom – A Life Less Ordinary

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Gemi Bordelon, though not directly in the spotlight herself, has found herself garnering unexpected attention thanks to her husband’s career and her enthusiastic support for the LSU Tigers football team. Here’s what we know about the wife of former LSU and NFL player Ben Bordelon:

Profile Summary

  • Name: Gemi Bordelon
  • Spouse: Ben Bordelon (Former LSU and NFL player, CEO of Bollinger Shipyards)
  • Children: At least three, including son Brett “Bo” Bordelon (former LSU offensive lineman)
  • Known for Briefly going viral in a “Get The Gat” challenge video with LSU players during their White House visit

A Devoted Tigers Fan

Gemi’s passion for LSU football is undeniable. In 2020, a now-viral TikTok video captured her celebrating the team’s national championship win while waiting for the players at the White House. The clip, featuring her dancing to the “Get The Gat” challenge alongside the team, turned her into an unexpected internet star. Her daughter, in a moment of amusement, even identified her on Twitter, adding a touch of lightheartedness to the situation.

This viral moment wasn’t the only instance showcasing her dedication. Reports suggest the Bordelon family, including Gemi, has close ties to members of Louisiana’s congressional delegation. This connection likely explains her presence at the White House during the LSU Tigers’ visit. Additionally, Gemi’s son, Brett “Bo” Bordelon, further strengthens the family’s connection to the team by playing as an offensive lineman for the Tigers.

Life Beyond Football

While football seems to be a strong thread in the Bordelon family tapestry, there’s more to Gemi’s life than cheering from the stands. News reports indicate that Gemi and Ben have three children together. The family resides in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, which is interestingly close to the hometown of former LSU Tigers coach Ed Orgeron.

Beyond these details, information about Gemi’s personal life and professional pursuits remains relatively private. It’s likely she prioritizes her family and enjoys life outside the public eye, with football serving as a shared passion that occasionally brings her into the spotlight.

Children And Family

Gemi Bordelon and Ben Bordelon have at least three children, though information on them is limited. Their son, Brett “Bo” Bordelon, followed in his father’s footsteps and played offensive lineman for the LSU Tigers. This family connection to the team likely explains Gemi’s presence at the White House. News reports suggest the Bordelons have close ties to Louisiana’s congressional delegation, further explaining their invitation to the visit.

Ben Bordelon, after a brief stint in the NFL, transitioned to a successful business career. He currently serves as the CEO and President of Bollinger Shipyards, a family-run business established by his grandfather. This prominent position places the Bordelons amongst Louisiana’s influential figures.

Ben Bordelon’s Accomplished Career

To understand Gemi’s world, it’s helpful to look at her husband’s impressive athletic background. Ben Bordelon was a force to be reckoned with on the football field. A towering figure at 6 feet 6 inches and 305 pounds, he played as an offensive tackle during his college years at LSU.

His talent shone brightly, earning him a starting position for four seasons and a coveted second-team All-Southeastern Conference honor in his senior year (1996). Though undrafted, his skills secured him a spot with the San Diego Chargers in 1997. While his NFL career was short-lived, lasting just one season, his success at the college level remains a noteworthy achievement.

Bollinger Shipyards And Family Legacy

Ben’s career path took an interesting turn after his professional football days. Leveraging his family connections, he transitioned into the world of business. Ben currently serves as the CEO and President of Bollinger Shipyards, a company with deep roots in Louisiana. Founded by his grandfather, Donald G. Bollinger, the company has thrived under Ben’s leadership, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the state’s business landscape.

A Supportive Partnership

While details about Gemi’s specific role within the family business are unavailable, it’s safe to assume she offers unwavering support to Ben in his endeavors. Together, they have built a successful life, raising a family, and actively participating in their community.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Her family’s ties to the Louisiana congressional delegation likely secured her invitation to the White House with the LSU team in 2020.
  • The viral video showcased her enthusiasm for the LSU Tigers, a sentiment shared by her family.

Gemi Bordelon: Beyond The Viral Moment

Gemi Bordelon story goes beyond a single viral video. It’s a testament to the unwavering support system athletes often have behind them. Her dedication to family, her passion for LSU football, and her likely role as a supportive partner paint a picture of a strong and grounded woman. While she may not actively seek the limelight, her enthusiasm and genuine love for the game undeniably captured hearts and offered a glimpse into the world surrounding the LSU Tigers.

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