The Return of One Punch Man In The Third Season

one punch man season 3

We all love those superhero movies, cartoons, books, and manga that show the triumph of good over evil. Maybe because it comforts us to know good will always win, especially in a society where it isn’t always so. One Punch Man season 3, the continuation of the One Punch Man series, is like that. It highlights the benefits of being a good person and saving lives. Saitama, the hero of the show, is a fully fleshed-out character who saves lives.

Who is Saitama?

Saitama is one of the characters in One Punch Man. He was present in seasons one, and two, and will now be making an appearance in season three with a heroic twist. Fans of the show thought the producers would stop at season 2, but thankfully, they continued with the third season. They were absolutely surprised to find out Saitama wasn’t dead.

The Return of Saitama

Saitama has returned, and this time he is resuming his duty as a superhero in the One Punch Man season 3. The trailer for this new season is already out and circulating online. Those who have watched it have nothing but praise for the anime series. Some even went as far as saying it’s the best anime they’ve watched this year. And since it has been over four years since the second season came out, the anticipation for season 3 is high.

Chapters of Each Season In The Manga

The anime movie shows around 40 to 50 chapters of the manga. That means Season One ended at around 40 to 50 chapters, while Season Two ended at 80 to 100 chapters. This time around, the new season is expected to reach 120 or 130 chapters of the manga. Therefore, viewers can anticipate the introduction of Psykos, an interesting character. If you want to know who Psykos is, you may read the manga for spoilers.

One Punch Man Seasons 1 & 2

The first One Punch Man season was aired in 2016, and the second came three years later. The first season was well-received and got the attention of millions of viewers, including big media houses. Simply put, several anime lovers have been waiting so long for the third season to come out. Thankfully, it seems the 2024 season will be out soon with the appearance of the new trailer.

Season 2 Plotline

Season Two was about Saitama’s disciples, Garou and Genos who fought each other to show their competence to their people. Garou had previously faced off against other heroes in the anime who wanted to fight for the first place with Garou. This prompted Genos to join the confrontation. Ironically, it was one of the monsters that saved Genos.

Saitama Saves The Situation

All these fights, including beating a character at a video game, affected Saitama’s focus on important things. Nevertheless, Saitama joined the fight and saved the situation from escalating to a volatile one. He destroyed an elderly monster. Then he chastised Genos for being in a hurry to be a hero despite not having enough power. This was where the second season stopped, so viewers were eager to know the next scene. It has also been noted that the next season starts from the 86th chapter of the manga.

Season 3 Plotline

The manga has a monster association and the third season will continue from there. From the plotline, heroes, and monsters met and the monsters wanted to live peacefully amongst the heroes. It was a great idea until it was revealed that it was a plan to get the heroes to relax. Once the heroes relax, they will show their weaknesses and the monsters will overpower them. In addition, they want Gyoro and Orochi to lead the monster team and defeat the good guys.

Exact Release Date of The Full Movie

There is no doubt a full movie release is in the works, but the exact date is a mystery. Some individuals are speculating around September or October this year. It is uncertain if the series will be launched before then.


In the trailer, a bunch of monsters clustered together and surrounded Garou who fought them fearlessly. But the monsters have strengthened their powers, and it’s unclear who will win. Nonetheless, you can briefly see Saitama trying to join in the action in the trailer.


Who are the casts in One Punch Man season 3? Will they be the same as those in other seasons? The answers to these questions cannot be answered currently, as the casts are not confirmed yet. You can watch out for them on Crunchyroll, where the series will be shown.


Finally, you will see Garou, who is still with the Monsters, Saitama, and other heroes fighting in this season. The war is going to be more brutal and all-encompassing in One Punch Man season 3, than in previous wars. Will Garou continue to be among the monsters or regret his decision? The answer is unknown. Ironically, some of the people Saitama and Co are protecting side with the monsters, going as far as joining them. What will Saitama and others do? Watch the movie when it comes out to find out.

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