One Simple Tip to Improve Your Photography


Joeri Leeuwerik shares one simple trick that can significantly improve your photography. And no, it’s not getting expensive gear nor is it all about getting good lighting, although that also plays a key role. However, it’s the simple details that matter and are mostly ignored by photographers. Or maybe some are not even aware of its importance in getting those pictures right. Being a renowned nature and landscape photographer, this article is more focused on that but other genres can also apply. 

Robert Capa famously said “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,”  how true can this be? Well, absolutely true, Joeri Leeuwerik confirms. After decades of taking photographs that won the heart of many, he has discovered this simple trick to be one of the most powerful things in taking better shots and improving your photography skills

Get Close to The Subject as Much as You Can

Proximity, that is getting closer and filling the subject in the frame is the way to go. Many are sometimes worried they are too invasive and go ahead to telephoto to give an illusion of getting close  but it doesn’t have to be. Your subject is all that matters and they are the ones to fill the frame. 

We can’t deny that all the visual representations are something everyone wants to capture at once. I mean, the scenery is too beautiful to ignore. The flowers, the flowing streams, The beautiful evening light gleaming on nature. No one would want to resist capturing the whole scenery at once. Hence, you take a wide angle shot to get everything into one picture. The results might not be what you expected and might end up being a lot of little details  that don’t speak as much as they should. 

When this happens, the first thing you want to do is to take a subject; it might be the stream and get closer to it. Focusing on the right details or elements can help you convey emotions in your photos. You feel connected to the subject, you arouse feelings, you become more intimate with it. You can powerfully convey your emotions when you make your subject your focal point and your audience will be carried along in the process as well. 

This is where composition  comes in. Those landscape photos need to go beyond beautiful and tell a story or evoque emotions. And when you move closer to the subject, the viewers will be able to understand the image better. Plus, they can concentrate better when their eyes are drawn to the important element in the frame rather than looking at a myriad of elements in one frame. 

Moreover, getting closer allows you to cut through all the noise and unnecessary distractions. Zoom in or concentrate on your area of interest and take that amazing shot that you and your viewers will love. It’s not really a big deal but something you could learn to get better hands-on with your photography. 

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