Top 2021 Bathroom Trends with Long-Lasting Style


We are glad to finally bid a bye to 2020!  A year that will forever be ingrained in human history. Well, there is no better way to welcome in hope and joy and wash away all the challenges of the old year than bathroom renovations. It’s time to breathe new life into your bathroom and these bathroom trends are here to make your bathroom alive. Whether you are in for a sleek bathroom or you want to be free of bathroom clutters, or you desire a hotel-chic space, we have expertly picked the best trends for you. This new look will give you all that you desire in a bathroom for the year 2021 and more.

Cocoon Bath

It’s not surprising the trend that tops our list is cocoon bathrooms. With 2020 seeing the closures of spas and wellness centers, homeowners are looking towards turning a bathroom into a spa where they bathe in luxury and dive into a sense of wellbeing. It focuses on creating a warm, safe haven while you are in your own world with all distractions and strains of life shut out. It can be something as simple as using a blend of scented candles, fixing the right lighting to set the mood, using drench showers, best-in-class steam rooms, hydrotherapy baths, and everything that will wrap you up in all luxury and tranquility. A bathroom that can rival any spa or hotel. 

Free-Standing Bathtubs

Free-standing tubs are among the hottest right now and for good reasons. This beautiful statement piece can transform any space and makes a great addition to the bathroom. Not only does this tub go with any bathroom design, but it’s also a place to unwind in grand style after the stress of the day. Besides, having a tub is a smart and simple way to increase your home value.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

While floating vanity is nothing new in the design world especially in high-end restaurants and commercial places, the popularity has even soared as it becomes more popular among homeowners. They are sleek with a minimalistic appearance and can make bathroom floor cleaning a hassle-free one. Not only that, it can make your room airier and bigger instead of the heavy bulky one. The good thing is there are different types and you can buy bathroom vanities online Canada without breaking the bank. 

Open Concept Bathroom

Open concepts are still trendy and it goes beyond knocking off the bathroom door and exposing the bathroom to the outside world. It entails going the extra mile to create something aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. It creates a Spa-Like atmosphere and you can easily converse with your partner who is at the other end of the room. It is more about bringing your luxurious bathroom experience from the 5-star hotel to your room. 

Smart Toilet

Once regarded as a costly luxury, smart toilets are gaining more popularity as cleanliness becomes more important than ever at this time. This toilet lifts its own lid for use, flush without being touched, has self-cleaning features and can prevent germs from spreading. Go the extra mile to incorporate those that can monitor for signs of diseases and tell if there are any range of illnesses in stool and urine. Whether you are remodeling or looking to change your toilet, consider this cool techy one to make your life easier and smarter.

Biophilic Design

Go green with a design that brings nature to your doorstep and allows you to connect with natural elements in a way you can never imagine. This design incorporates natural lighting, landscape, plants, and any other element to create a more green atmosphere for your bathroom. It uses natural textures and patterns and could be standalone tubs, soothing tones colors with sleek fixtures. No better way to boost health and wellbeing than this!

You can check out stores for any of the above-mentioned trends or check online for various pricing for ideas on how to go about it. You can as well buy bathroom faucet Online, Soap Dispensers online sale, medicine cabinets, and any other staples to complete your dream bathroom. 

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