How to Find Your ‘Style’ in Photography and What That Means


Every photographer has their unique style which can be more than one. Style is a process of mastery and the expression of who you are in combination with your art and craft explained Mayur Rele. Your style is what you love to shoot, how and why you choose it. Do you prefer shooting portraits over the street? How do you shoot your scenes? Long or tight? Digital or analog? Do you enjoy shooting urban scenes more than landscapes? Why do you prefer shooting those scenes? Why are you shooting it that way? The answer to these questions is the foundation of your style in photography. 

Finding your style is very important and it is often a life journey. Although it is important to keep changing and evolving, it is also necessary to have a root and stick to a structure. So how do you find and create your style in photography? Figuring out what appeals to you and inspires you is the first step to discovering your style. Then look for what motivates and inspires you as a person. Read on as Mayur Rele takes us through how to find your style in photography and what it means?

Discover your creative taste 

We all have specific clothes, places, food and many more we prefer more than others and that is our style. This is also what happens in photography. Putting in a lot of work by taking different pictures and also looking at other people’s work will help you discover your creative taste. You need to keep practicing with your camera every day and also doing thorough research on your photography genre. Read books and articles on photography techniques, go to photo galleries, and ask yourself which photo resonates with your soul. What are you drawn to and what did you see when you look at a picture? The more you understand your taste, the closer you are to discovering your style. 

Understand your aesthetic taste 

You are the only one that knows what appeals to you aesthetically therefore, you need to work on understanding it. Check out your favorite artistic movement, pictures, style, books, photographer’s work, and many more. There is no limit to understanding your aesthetic taste and you have to pay attention to details. Ask yourself the type of color that draws you to a picture? Which culture influenced you? Is landscape photography more appealing to you or do you prefer aerial? Do you love abstract and expressional photography? Whose work do you find appealing? All the answers will help you understand your aesthetic taste. Looking at the works of the photographers that influenced you will also give you an idea of your taste. 

Figure out your passion 

Figure out what makes you want to become a photographer. Discover what compels you to take photographs. Limit the number of equipment you use and focus more on your creativity. This will help you to be more creative and also gives you a clear understanding of your style. Know the type of story or message you want to pass across every time you hold your camera. Is your photograph a message on mental health or a reflection of people? Do you want to convey thought or expression? Are you attracted to catching happiness? Do you love taking photographs of humans or animals? You need to figure out what drives your passion. 

With these, you can easily navigate discovering who you are when it comes to your unique style of photography.

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