David Antico Talks About Hospitality Insurance

Running and owning a business comes with responsibilities you can be held accountable for anything and everything that happens. In the hospitality sector especially where you can be held accountable for any incident that happens on or off the hotel premises. That is where insurance comes in handy if you purchase insurance you can have peace and you are assured that you are protected from an unexpected claim. In this article, David Antico will talk about benefits and tips to purchase hospitality insurance. 

Still, thinking why you need insurance? Hotels, restaurants no matter what their size is they all need insurance to protect you from unwanted expenses and risks. Risks can come in any form: theft, security issues, fire, and cyber-attacks. David Antico also concludes that in the hospitality industry, you are held accountable for any activity that has been held inside your premises even if you are involved in that or not. This is the reason that it is important to purchase insurance for your premises as it protects you from unwanted lawsuits and expenses.  


  1- It Protects Your Investment 

If you are investing in the hospitality sector you don’t want anything to happen to your investment right? This is where insurance comes into play for example a single lawsuit can damage your business. Getting your business insured not only provides you mental peace but also helps you to focus on other things. 

2- Get Liquor Liability Insurance 

Businesses that offer alcohol for sale are held accountable for damage caused by customers who get drunk. Liquor liability insurance offers security and shelters legal fees and other settlements that are allied with covered claims. This is the most important benefit in that it protects you from any lawsuits or claims that are caused by alcohol intoxication.

3- Get Free Legal Support

A benefit not many people know about is the benefit of getting an insurance policy for your hospitality is that you can get free legal support from the legal department of your carters. You do have to spend every time you want a legal consultation on every issue. This cuts off an extra expense that can benefit your business. 

4- Get Loans Easily 

If your business is insured it not only provides you safety but also it is easier to get loans. The sense of security which insurance gives to businesses is quite important in determining if an institution is loan-worthy or not. If your business is fully insured you are more likely to get loans easily. As mentioned it gives a sense of security not only to the person owning the business but also to the banks and institutions that provide loans.  

So, that was it for the day! Hope You Learned Something New Today.

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