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Healthcare Insurance

What are Manziel Law Offices?

It is a company run by Lisa Manziel that advises healthcare and business laws and reimbursements and assists them towards ever-changing rules and regulations of healthcare.

In The United States of America, there are many private companies of healthcare insurance specialists. According to a recent study in 2020, the accident and health insurance industry’s premiums touched 1.25 trillion dollars, almost an increase of 84%. 10 companies collectively acquired nearly 54% of the US market. Here are some companies that Manziel law offices will talk about today. 

1- United Health

United health group is a branch out healthcare company that aids consumers in The US as well as 130 other countries. United healthcare provides healthcare coverage and benefits services, while Optum provides information and technology-enabled health services. UnitedHealth Group invests about 4 billion dollars in technology and innovation.

2- Kaiser Foundation 

Kaiser Foundation is a non-profit healthcare organization this foundation offers audiology, allergy, dermatology, oncology, hospice, and a countless number of services. Kaiser foundation only serves patients in the US. 

3- Anthem Inc. 

Anthem Inc. is a health benefits company that is dedicated to refining lives making healthcare simpler. Anthem has many affiliated companies under it that serve more than 106 million people. It aims to be the most valuable and innovative healthcare company. 

 4- CVS

CVS is a healthcare company that aims to help people on their path to better health. It creates a new method to total health with its plans and services. With 9900 retail and 1100 walk-in clinics, there are about 24 million medical members.

5- Cigna Health 

With over 165 million customers and customer and patient relationships around 30 countries, it makes Cigna health one of the biggest healthcare companies in the world. With plans for individuals and the whole family, dental insurance plans, Medicare plans, and international insurance. 

There are lots of companies to choose from and you will be able to find the company that fits right in your budget and the plans you need. But more options create confusion among what should you choose and what you should not. Which plan is the best for you, which plan lies under your requirement, to settle out this confusion you are facing you should always be researching whether online or offline? Doing the research will help you settle your confusion down. But also don’t try to cut corners if you are planning to buy insurance don’t try to save up a little money you can have better healthcare services if you are willing to pay some extra amount.

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