Cristiano Ronaldo Jr – The Upcoming Football Star

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, the son of Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, is one of the most talked about kids in the world of football. He was born on June 17, 2010, in San Diego, is currently 13 years old, and is already attracting attention for his football skills. His nickname is Cristianinho or Little Cristiano.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is a member of the Ronaldo family and has always been present in his father’s life both on and off the field. Cristiano Ronaldo Sr. is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time, and his son is talked about as a future star who should make it big.

From a young age, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has shown a keen interest in football and has been seen playing with friends and family. He is also known to train regularly with his father and has been seen executing the same moves as his father. In recent years, videos of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. playing football have gone viral on social media and have been shared frequently by fans and followers of the Ronaldo family.

It is not surprising that Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has taken to football like a duck to water given his father’s success and passion for the sport. Cristiano Ronaldo Sr. has received numerous prizes and awards throughout his career, including the Ballon d’Or, awarded five times to the best player in the world. He has also won numerous championships and Champions League titles with his clubs, including Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

Despite his young age, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has already received initial offers from top clubs around the world. However, it remains to be seen where his footballing future lies and whether he will follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional footballer.

Family Background

Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous Portuguese footballer, announced this on social media on July 17, 2010, shortly after the birth of his son. He also shared that the mother of his child had given him sole custody and wished to remain anonymous. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. was raised by his grandmother. His grandmother Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro raised him.

In a 2015 interview with Jonathan Ross, Ronaldo said his son did not know his mother but that he would introduce her in due course. The mother of Ronaldo’s other three children – twins Eva and Mateo, born via surrogacy in June 2017, and Alana Martina, born in November 2017 – is the footballer’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. She is a devoted stepmother.

Together with Kai (the son of Wayne Rooney) and Nemanja Matic, the young footballer Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is currently enrolled in the football academy of Manchester United. In the summer of 2021, he moved to the U-12 team of the English club. His father returned to Old Trafford in August 2021 and he joined the Red Devils, having previously played in the Juventus football academy.

Ronaldo has already stated that he wants his son to continue his legacy. The boy’s grandmother, Dos Santos Aveiro, believes that he is already more talented than his father and is optimistic that he will develop into a great player. Ronaldo Jr.’s move to Manchester United has allowed him to be closer to his mentor and father.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. joins Real Madrid – November 2022 

“Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has followed in his father’s footsteps and left Manchester United to join Real Madrid’s youth programme,” the newspaper reports.

The 12-year-old has followed his father across the league, playing for Real Madrid, Juventus, and now United after the Portuguese superstar returned to Old Trafford last year.

Following Ronaldo’s turbulent departure from United after his explosive conversation with Piers Morgan in November, Ronaldo Jr. has now followed in his father’s footsteps and moved on.

Reporter Edu Cornago tweeted that Ronaldo Jr. had returned to Real’s academy, where he had previously scored more than 50 goals in just 20 games.

According to Spanish media, he has returned to Real Madrid’s academy. Cristiano Jr. scored more than 50 goals in just 20 games before leaving Real Madrid.

Earlier this month, Ronaldo had briefly trained with his former club Real as rumors swirled that he was close to signing a £173 million-a-year contract with Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr.

Cristiano Roanldo Jr.- Trivia 

  • He loves fashion and is always dressed chic and trendy.
  • He loves to travel and discover new places.
  • He loves to swim.
  • He learned how to play football from his father.
  • He is multilingual and can speak Italian, Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
  • He has a passion for singing.

Final Words

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is a young and talented football player who is closely watched by fans and followers of the sport. Given his father’s success and passion for football, it is not surprising that he is passionate about the sport and is being touted as a future star. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. but one thing is for sure: he will make a name for himself in the world of football.

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