VIC Car Removal Process – What to Expect on The Day

Car removal

So, your car has come to the end of its useful life. Repair bills are mounting, and it is no longer economically viable to keep it on the road. So where do you look? A scrap merchant, of course. In VIC and throughout Australia, a scrap car buyer can be found by searching for a ‘car removal’ or “cash for cars company”. Both of which are exactly what we do.

If it is your first time selling your car to a scrap dealer, it is normal not to know what to expect.

This article will explain the basics of car removal to ensure you are fully prepared. In particular, we will focus on the requirements in Victoria.

Are You Eligible to Scrap Your Car?

When selling a vehicle to anyone, be it a private sale or a scrapper, you must ensure you are eligible to sell it.

Firstly, you must be able to prove you are the owner of the vehicle.

While many have thought about calling a car scrapper and earning cash from that dumped car on the Pacific Highway, only the car’s owner can authorize this.

Next, you need to ensure no money is owed on the car. This includes any loan repayments or infringement notices. Essentially it must be unencumbered, free of debt or other financial liability.

Booking the Vehicle Collection

Before we can come and collect your car, we were hoping you could get in touch with us and arrange the car removal.

Just give us a call or email us so we can confirm a convenient time for both of us. We will also ask for details about your car and confirm the price you are willing to sell it to us.

The Sale Price

In some cases, the vehicle owner does not want any money for their car as it may be worthless. But we still need to complete a purchase receipt to gain vehicle ownership.

This is where a sale price is negotiated so we can complete the appropriate paperwork and make the purchase official.

The Car Pick-Up

We will come to the given address to pick up your scrap car on the appointed date and time you have chosen to be most convenient.

Before you can earn your cold hard cash, some documentation must be drafted to protect both parties involved. This is where we inspect the car and complete the paperwork together.

To complete the collection, we need to see the car registration document to ensure you are the current owner and your proof of ID. A driving license or passport is most suitable as photo identification.

Please also have your bank account details handy, so we can record where to send the payment. Due to the laws in VIC, we cannot give you physical cash but will transfer the balance directly to your bank account.

Say Your Final Goodbye

It is now time to wave goodbye to your no longer trusty automobile.

As a final reminder, anything and everything left in the car will be taken away, and you will not be able to get it back once it has been towed away. So, make sure you double or triple-check.

But Wait, You May Be Entitled to More Money!

At this point, you have already earned some cash by scrapping your car. But you may be entitled to make more.

When you registered your car, did you pay for 6 or 12 months of registration? How many months are left before the roll runs out?

In VIC, you also need green slip insurance, which usually expires at the same time as your registration. But did you also take out comprehensive or some other insurance on your vehicle?

When you cancel these services, you usually get a refund on the unused portion you have already paid for.

For example, if you paid for 12 months and you still have 6 months left on your registration and insurance, when you cancel them, you may get a refund for the unused months, less any cancellation fees.

Canceling Your Registration

To cancel your registration in Victoria, you are required to visit a Service VIC registry center with the following:

  1. Proof of identity
  2. The vehicle’s Certificate of Registration
  3.  Completed and signed forms:
    1. ‘Number plates and/or cancellation of registration.’
    2. ‘Request for refund of VIC registration.’
  4. Number plates (If you wish to keep them, you must store them in reserve, which is at the service or registry center)
  5. Your payment details

For full details on canceling your registration in VIC and to download the required forms, see the Service VIC website.

Canceling your registration in VIC does incur a small fee. However, if you claim a refund on the unused portion of your motor vehicle tax, you may be owed money instead of having to pay any.

If you are owed money, Service VIC will transfer it to your bank account, so have your bank card or bank details with you when you attend the registry center.

Canceling Your Insurances

You can generally cancel your green slip and comprehensive insurance over the phone.

However, depending on the circumstances, they may require you to prove that the vehicle is no longer registered with you. Hence, it is advisable to do this after canceling your registration, as you will have written evidence this has occurred.

As with canceling your registration, you may be entitled to a refund of any unused portion of your insurance, less any cancellation fees.

Final thoughts

Car removal becomes simple when paired with friendly yet professional service providers. Canceling your registration and insurance may sound like a hassle to people new to the car-scrapping business. However, the process only takes a short while if you have all the necessary paperwork. Also, this allows you to walk away with more money at the end of the process.

Are you located in Melton or another one of our service areas? Please call us today at 0413 680 026 to arrange the removal of your car.

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