The Right Choice: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Laundry Room Sink

Laundry Room Sink

If you’re looking for a laundry room sink online in Canada USA that will be appropriate according to your requirements and aesthetics, we’re glad to tell you you’ve made it to the right place. We here at Bliss Bath and Kitchen make sure you find every need or want from any of your kitchen and bathroom related products Wishlist. If a sink was one of them, check it right off the list with us.

1. Consider the Installation Style

As far as laundry sinks go, there are a number of basin types as well as styles of installation. There are quite a lot of options to choose from such as drop in or wall mounted. Floor standing or portable also being two of them.

Since you’re planning this as a long term installation, we advise you to make the choice carefully.

  • Drop-in

The sink is installed via a hole cut through the countertop with the basin being fixed below the counter while the sink remains in its place available for convenient use.

Not only is it convenient, easy to install and usually compatible with every situation but they can be used conveniently for the kitchen or the laundry room.

  • Undermount

The installation style for undermount sinks make cleaning a breeze as well as give the countertop a modern look. Another mentionable feature is that they can be covered and thus provide extra workspace when they are not in use.

  • Wall-mounted and floor-standing

This kind is for all of your messy and rigorous work, the kind you would prefer when you know you’re going to make quite a clutter while getting work done.

2. Pick Your Ideal Material

Another feature to be considered and thought well upon while choosing a sink is the material that you would find appropriate and would cater to your specific need and requirement.

  • Cast iron

These heavy duty materials coated in enamel allow fluctuating temperatures to not cause damage yet stand through the years with almost no wear and tear. A bit of maintenance which includes of recoating of enamel in order to prevent rusting and chipping is required.

  • Acrylic

Despite being lightweight, acrylic sinks have proven to be quite durable. They also come in various designs and colors so there’s quite a range to look at.

  • Porcelain

Known as the classy and grand looking kind, despite being as beautiful to gaze upon and fancy they are, porcelain sinks might be a bit too well for workstations that will be used for day to day uses.

  • Ceramic

Stain resistant, easy to clean and convenient, ceramic sinks are a good option. They are highly practical and give a good look to wherever they are installed.

  • Stainless steel

Lightweight, easy to clean and maintain, stainless steel sinks are the perfect choice for laundry and utility rooms. They have quite a work appropriate, heavy duty and industrial look and fit right for the same purpose.

3. Choose the Right Utility Faucet

Lastly, pick the right kind of utility faucet according to the look, pliability, costing and design for your selected sink.

We, at Bliss Baths and Kitchen endeavor to cater to all your needs. We hope we may be able to fulfill all your bathroom and kitchen product needs and wants. 

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