From CVS to Jail: The Shocking Story of Richard Allen, The Delphi Murder Suspect

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Abigail Williams and Liberty German, two teenage girls, went for a hike on the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi, Indiana on February 13, 2017. They did not return home and were later found deceased near an abandoned railroad bridge the following day. This tragic event has become known as the Delphi murders and remains one of the most perplexing and devastating mysteries in American history. For five years, the killer remained elusive, despite the police having a grainy photo and a short audio clip of him, captured by Libby’s phone. The only clue was a cryptic message: “Down the hill”. Who was this man? Why did he target the girls? How did he manage to evade capture for so long? The answer came in a shocking twist when the police announced that they had arrested a suspect: Richard Allen Delphi, a 52 -year-old pharmacy technician from Lafayette, Indiana.

Allen worked at a CVS store, just 15 miles away from the crime scene. He had no criminal record, no apparent motive, and no connection to the victims. He lived a seemingly normal life, with a wife and two children. How did he end up as the prime suspect in the Delphi murders? What led the police to him after so many years? And what secrets did he hide behind his ordinary facade? This is the story of Richard Allen, the Delphi murder suspect. From CVS to jail, this is how he was caught, and what he confessed.

The Arrest of Richard Allen

The breakthrough in the Delphi murder case came in October, 2022 when the police arrested Richard Allen Delphi at his home in Lafayette, Indiana. Allen was a licensed pharmacy technician who worked at a CVS store, just 15 miles away from the crime scene. He had no criminal record, no apparent motive, and no connection to the victims. He lived a seemingly normal life, with a wife and two children. The police did not reveal what led them to Allen, but they said they had obtained a search warrant for his home and his car. During the search, they found knives and guns, including a .40-caliber pistol that matched the unspent round found near one of the girls’ bodies. They also seized Allen’s phone, computer, and other electronic devices. Allen was arrested and transferred to the Carroll County Jail, where he faced charges for two counts of murder.

Despite pleading not guilty, he was denied bail. For his own protection, he was later relocated to a state facility. His trial was set to commence in 2023 but was delayed on various counts. The arrest of Richard Allen shocked the Delphi community and the nation. Many people wondered how he could have committed such a heinous crime and escaped detection for so long. Some people also questioned whether he was the same man seen in the photo and the audio clip released by the police in 2017.  The police said they were confident that they had the right suspect, but they did not disclose any further details about the evidence or the investigation. They said they were still working on the case and asked the public to respect the privacy of the victims’ families.

The Confession of Richard Allen

One of the most shocking revelations in the Delphi murder case was that Richard Allen Delphi, the prime suspect, confessed to killing Abby and Libby in a phone call to his wife, Kathy, while he was in prison. According to court documents, Allen admitted several times that he kidnapped and killed the girls on February 13, 2017. He said he had a compulsion to kill young girls and that he felt no remorse for his actions. He said he chose his victims randomly and followed them until he found an opportunity to attack them. He said he used a knife and a gun to kill them and left behind some of his belongings as trophies. Allen’s confession was recorded on audio and was later played in court.

The confession shocked the jury and the public, who had followed the case for years. Many people wondered how Allen could have committed such horrific crimes and how he could have avoided detection for so long.  Some people also doubted the validity of his confession, as he had previously denied any involvement in the murders. They speculated that he might have been coerced or manipulated by the police or that he might have been mentally ill or delusional. Allen’s confession also had a profound impact on his personal life. His wife, Kathy, who had stood by him since his arrest, was devastated by his admission of guilt. She hung up on him abruptly and never spoke to him again.  She also filed for divorce and sought full custody of their two children. She said she felt betrayed and disgusted by her husband and that she wanted nothing to do with him. She also expressed her sympathy and sorrow for the victims’ families and said she hoped they would find justice and peace.

The Future of Richard Allen

Richard Allen, the Delphi murder suspect, is facing the death penalty for the brutal killings of Abby and Libby in 2017, as well as two other girls in Iowa and Missouri in 2015 and 2016. He has confessed to his crimes in phone calls to his wife and his mother, but he has pleaded not guilty in court. His defense team has challenged the validity and admissibility of his confessions, as well as the evidence against him. They have also argued that he suffers from mental disorders and substance abuse and that he deserves mercy and treatment. Allen’s trial has been delayed several times due to various reasons, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the change of venue, the withdrawal of his previous attorneys, and the discovery of new evidence. His trial is now scheduled to begin on October 15, 2024, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The trial is expected to last for two weeks and to attract national attention. The jury will have to decide whether Allen is guilty or not, and whether he should live or die.

Bottom Line

The Delphi murders have haunted the Delphi community and the nation for years. The families of the victims have been waiting for justice and closure. The arrest and confession of Richard Allen have brought some hope and relief, but also some doubt and confusion. The trial of Richard Allen Delphi will be the final chapter of this tragic story. Will it bring the truth and the justice that the victims deserve? Or will it leave more questions and mysteries unsolved?

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