8 Tips To Refrain From The AV Failure

AV Failure

How frustrating that news is that one of your projectors or speakers have a breakdown at the last minute. You have put all your efforts into setting up the venue for the event. There was nothing that was left unchecked. That issue at the last moment will break all hopes of the success of the event. Specifically, when there is one at the back for support. Mishaps are not good news for any event organizer. But unfortunately, mishaps are part of the event. As a result, it is critical to do everything possible to avoid AV failure.

The projector abruptly shut down at the time of the guest’s arrival. Many situations like that can happen. Maybe many of you have witnessed those by themselves. The only way of avoiding failure is the utilization of the services of Audio Visual Hire London. Professionals take care of the installation and working of the AV equipment. The AV equipment is the backbone of the success of any event. Because they are a source of the distribution of the desired information. The combination of sound and visuals creates a unique impact on the message.

Tips To Avoid The AV Failure:

To prevent the failure of equipment there are some tips you can follow. These tips prevent AV failure before and during the event.

1. Seek Help From A Professional AV Technician:

Is there any doubt that you need exceptional equipment for the event? Instead of being helpless at the event, it is better to take the help of the expert. They not only install the equipment but also guide how to use them. They will also be able to resolve the troubleshoot if any occur in the equipment. Having them at the venue is a blessing for the event.

Except for assistance in the perfect execution of AV equipment they can also assist in other matters of event organization. Because of being a part of multiple events, their knowledge enhances the effectiveness of event preparation. The preparations of the event and the effectiveness of the equipment collectively take the event’s atmosphere to another level.

2. Prepare For The Event In Advance:

The choice of the AV equipment entirely depends on the venue of the event. Because multiple factors can affect the performance of AV equipment. Before the thorough examination of the venue, even the best Av equipment can be a source of disappointment. So, don’t ever forget the thorough analysis of the event’s venue.

3. Choose The Best AV Service Provider:

This is not all about the AV service provider, this is about finding the best Audio-Visual Hire London. The effectiveness of the AV service providers can be tested by different criteria. These criteria are as follows:

  • The number of years for which AV rental company is in business. Don’t choose the one which is in the business for less than three years. It’s important to consider if the plan is the organization of a large event.
  •  Read the reviews of the previous customers about the AV service providers.
  • They should have access to the latest and well-maintained technology.
  • They have a good reputation in the market so that they would be able to arrange urgent equipment for the event.
  • The team of the AV service provider has good teamwork and coordination skills.
  • They provide a good customer service experience by responding whenever you need them.

4. Presentations should be available in advance:

By getting presentations in advance, you can set the screen resolution in advance. A presenter can test out the display of the presentation on the screen. Also, ensure that their gear meets your specs.

5. Ensure The Availability Of The Backup Equipment:

This is a very positive approach when you accept that failure of equipment can happen. If there is no professional technician around the backup equipment will help a lot. Instead of being a victim of an awkward situation don’t forget to do this favour to yourself.

6. Equipment Booking In Advance:

To make sure the on-time delivery of the equipment from Audio Visual Hiring Services in London book it in advance. Advance booking provides an opportunity of testing the performance of equipment before the actual event. For the actual event, the preparation should be checked in advance. Because management of any kind of flaw in between the event would become difficult.

7. Rehearsal Of The Event:

The rectification of the flaws from the event preparation is important. Even a minor flaw can disrupt the mood of an event. For identification at least conduct rehearsals a night before the original event. Monitor rehearsals carefully to ensure that everything is going smoothly. The other benefit of the rehearsals is that every member of the event understand how they need to perform at the event.

8. Forget To Communicate Event Changes:

Due to some reasons, the venue of the event change or the size of the audience gets reduce. Both aspects affect the performance of the AV equipment. The failure in communicating these kinds of changes will lead to the failure of the equipment at the event.


The AV equipment failure at events is not something that occurs occasionally. Whenever event organizers show negligence in the selection of AV equipment this happens. AV Productions help event organizers in selecting and installing the best Av equipment for their event. The tips explained in this article are a bulletproof strategy of refraining from AV equipment failure.

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