The Best Cleaning Products to Have at Home

Cleaning Products

At home, cleaning is one of the chores that you don’t always do willingly! However, it suffices to be well equipped with easy-to-use and above all effective cleaning products.

Among our favorites, also recommended by our experts, white vinegar is the must-have multi-use cleaning product!

Here are our home armor ez house wash reviews, favorite cleaning products in this article: for cleaning the floor , the kitchen and even detaching clothes.

What Products do You Need for Cleaning?

How to properly equip yourself with household products when you want to have a really clean house?

First of all, here is our advice: start by picturing the different rooms of your house in your head. 

In the kitchen , what is the floor? Do you have an oven? Are the pipes regularly blocked? Do you need a new dishwashing liquid or dishwasher tablets?

  • In the bathroom : shower or bath? Is the wall a tiled surface or a painting? Would you also like to find a new product for your laundry?
  • What about the toilets ? What product are you using?
  • The bedrooms and the office: parquet, carpet or tiled floor?
  • The windows and windows of your house: large windows or small glass surfaces?

All these questions will allow you to draw up a list of products according to your own identified needs. For example: I want a disinfectant for the toilet, I would like a multi-purpose cleaner for the bathroom and the kitchen.

To make your job easier, here is our checklist of the best cleaning products to use around the house!

White vinegar

Vinegar is essential for cleaning! On its own, it can do the job of almost any cleaning product in your home!

And for good reason: it is a super disinfectant, cleaner, descaler… If you only have to choose one, this is it!

It will be used in the kitchen to wash surfaces, to clean the windows. In the bathroom it disinfects wonderfully and even serves as an anti-lime solution in the washing machine.

It can be used alone or combined with a few drops of lemon juice .best fiberglass shower cleaner The two combined work wonders for cleaning shower walls or cleaning heavily soiled tiles and making them shine!

Baking soda

Baking soda is also a good cleanser and especially deodorant! You can make lozenges with baking soda to clean the toilet bowl.

It is also effective for absorbing odors from pipes or for cleaning the inside of your dirty oven!

You can also use sodium percarbonate or soda crystals which are another alternative.

Marseille soap

We recommend the use of Marseille soap to make a homemade liquid laundry recipe. 

Using microfiber cloths and a dab of Marseille soap that you melt with a little hot water, you can clean all surfaces (worktop, dining table, stains on the walls…)!

Black soap

Another very useful cleaning product: black soap. It is mainly used to clean the floor and especially the tiles.

You can buy black soap in blocks or liquid. Pour the equivalent of a capful of soap in 1 liter of water to clean the floor and a few drops of essential oils to leave a fresh smell. Use a broom to clean the floor and voila!

Cleaning Products That can be Useful 

The earth of Sommières is a substitute for stain clothing! It is said to be able to absorb up to 80% of its weight.

All you have to do is place a little Sommières soil on a stain of a textile (clothing, household linen or carpet). Leave to act for at least 3 hours and vacuum! The result is there !

To read also: How to detach and wash the carpet?

Meudon white

The cooking plates are not resistant to Meudon white ! 

The recipe to apply to your ceramic hobs, better than all kitchen cleaning products:

  • Put white Meudon in a bowl (2 tablespoons)
  • Form a paste by adding water
  • Use this paste on the baking sheets
  • Remove everything with a microfiber cloth or sponge
  • The plate is clean

What better way to maintain a healthy home than cleaning products? Multi-use cleaners, dishwashing liquids, anti-lime products, sanitizing spray, detergents … The UFC-Que Choisir tests and compares the cleaning products for your daily life. Efficiency, pollution, dangerousness: our independent experts give you their opinions to help you keep a healthy interior.

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