Packing and Moving Tips for Hassle-Free Local Shifting in Kolkata

Packing and Moving

Whether it’s a local shifting in Kolkata or an intercity move, house shifting is a chaotic event and this requires to be planned. To those who moving locally to Kolkata, we have some good news for you all. We are sharing some essential but easy tips that will help you in packing and moving your belongings safely to the desired location. Even if you are not planning to hire professional packers and movers in Kolkata then also you can have a safe and smooth relocation experience.

Just follow the packing and moving tips that we have shared here in this article.

Packing Tips:

  • Buy the right packaging materials first. You must have all the packing supplies that would be used to pack all your household items. So, gather packaging materials like carton boxes, bubble wraps, plastic wraps, masking tapes, packing tapes, markers, cardboard boxes, thermocol, etc. All these will help you to prevent your goods from breaking during transportation.
  • When you will start packing your goods make sure they are clean and ready to be moved. If you think there is any item that is not in use for a long time, then you can discard that item. Make a list of such goods and either donate them to the charity or sell them.
  • Start packing the items according to their usage. The items that are used least by you should be packed first, and the goods that you will be needing throughout the move process should be packed later. Make a list of those items that should be packed first and start packing the items accordingly.
  • Now, prepare the carton boxes to pack your goods. Do not directly put your goods into the boxes when moving. No matter how far or near you are relocating, this can damage your goods. Use crumpled papers or packing peanuts in the boxes to provide a comfortable bed for the items you will keep inside. You can also use some of your clothes to cushion the boxes.
  • Wrap the fragile items in bubble wrap. If the item is too big and you cannot use large bubble wraps then you can use small blankets or towels to wrap the fragile.
  • After putting the goods into the boxes, seal the boxes with packing tapes. Ensure the box will not open from any end as this can damage your goods if they spill out from the box.
  • Another packing tip to help you pack and move safely is to balance the weight of the carton boxes. Do not overload them by stuffing them with goods. keep the weight of the box in mind and ensure you are not overloading by lifting the box a bit. If you can easily lift it then you are going right, but if you are facing problems even in wagging the box then you are overloading it. Try to avoid that.
  • At the time of disassembling any furniture or electronic items, keep the screws and nuts separately in a small pouch or bag. Small things get missed easily during a move. So, keep them safe so that you can reuse them at the time of installation.
  • Label each box using a marker pen after packing the items. Just seal the boxes and mark on the sides of the boxes with “Breakables” and also with the name of the room. You can add a description too there that will let you know which room the box belongs to and what it contains.

Moving tips:

  • Book a truck rental service in Kolkata to transport all your belongings safely. Those who hire household transport companies, don’t have book this service as the movers bring their own vehicle to transport goods. But for a DIY move, one has to rent a truck to transport goods.
  • If you live in a rental property in Kolkata then you should inform your landlord first. Notify your landlord and let them know when you will move out.
  • If it’s not a rented property then before moving out, cancel the services and utilities like cable networks, electricity, internet connection, etc. But make sure to give them the exact date to cancel the services or you will have to survive there without water and electricity.
  • Update your new address everywhere a week before moving so that you will not receive anything on your current address after you will move out.
  • Give one last look at your house before moving out. Check all the built-in or fitted wardrobes, drawers, etc. one last time to ensure you are not missing anything.
  • To load your goods onto the truck, you will some helping hands. You can hire loading-unloading laborers for transporting your goods. They will charge Rs. 500 -Rs. 1000 per head. Depending on the number of your goods, decide how many laborers you will require. Well, you can also ask for help from your friends and relatives. They can help you to load and unload goods if required.


Do not worry anymore to relocate your house locally in Kolkata. If not hiring reliable packers and movers in Kolkata then do not worry and simply follow the above-discussed packing and moving tips to have a safe and smooth relocation experience.

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