Best hair color for women in India

Hair color

Hair coloring has almost turned into a hobby of the present Indian women. They love switching up their looks now and then with a color that suits their personality well. Even the world’s biggest fashionistas love their hair colors and that has resulted in numerous new hair coloring trends in the last few years. But we all know that a fashion trend that is even 6 months old is just so last season. And that is why we’re here with some super fresh ideas for the best hair color for women in India in this new year 2022. We took all your ‘new year, new me’ posts very seriously, and thus came up with a bunch of hair color ideas that can surely make you look like no less than an A-listed Bollywood superstar. So, let’s get right into it without any further ado. 

Deep Wine:

This sure is the color of love and also a color that goes perfectly with Indian skin tone. If you wanna be the elite bougie lady in the room with an aura of a thousand bucks then you must go for this hair color. The color adds both texture and edge to your hair and personality and makes you look way more presentable than you ever did. Let your inner beauty radiate and glow like never before. Take a deep breath and go for this color without any second thoughts. 

Natural Brown Ombre: 

Global browns are so not in vogue right now. Only if you want full coverage, you can go for a global brown hairstyle but if you are coloring your hair to amp up your look and your style, then you must go for natural brown Ombre hair color highlights. The fashion police of the gen-z also approve of this hair color option. The Ombre effect will add the ultimate coming-of-age look to your entire get-up that makes you automatically enticing. But as we all know- With great hair color, comes great responsibility; what we mean to say is that with frequent hair coloring experiments you mustn’t forget to take care of your hair. Wise is the one who chooses a suitable hair color in the first place to play it safe. We suggest you take up any ammonia-free hair color to start with and if you’re confused about the one you should go for then we recommend Godrej Expert Rich Crème to you. You can get this product at a nominal amount but the results make you shine like gold. Indian women with both warm and cool skin tones can easily give this look a shot. 

Soft Red Balayage:

Balayage is another go-to hair color look that is always in vogue. With a Soft Red Balayage look, we promise you that you can look nothing but just Ravishing. It’s one of the finest hair color options available in the market right now for women with Indian Skin tones. And with the Balayage layering coming into the picture, the outcome becomes even better. Soft Red Balayage adds the right amount of oomph to your hair and makes it look fuller and stylish. Run to your stylist as soon as you can and get this look done in this new year. And if you’re pro yourself, then get the pack of your favored shade of hair color and get the look. 

Plum highlights:

If you’re a veteran in this business and you’re looking for something that has just become the talk of the town then it’s the Plum Highlights. If you’re a big fan of the good old Burgundy but you also want to try something new and are scared of doing the same then trust us and go for this. This color is going to change your look from head to toe in a jiffy. You will feel like you can rock the runway or kill any parties that you go to with this hair color. We promise you that you just cannot go wrong with Plum if you have naturally jet black. Rush to your nearest store at the earliest and get this uber cool look real quick. 

Global Burgundy:

Can’t really wrap up the list without mentioning the OG favorite hair color of every Indian woman, Burgundy. On this note, we would like to tell you that if you wanna go Burgundy then it’s a must that you go global. Stylists suggest that this hair color looks best when you let it flow throughout your entire hair length. So for all the women out there who have been concealing their greys all life long with just the normal black hair color, this is your call to try out something different but equally elegant. Trust us with this and you’re gonna love it. 

With this, we come to an end of our top 5 best hair color for women in India. Some of these have been the most loved color by Indian women for ages now and some are more trendy and up-to-date hair games. But, the fun fact is that all of them fit the Indian skin tone like a glove. There’s not any other way but to like these. So, we insist that you try out these hair colors and enjoy them to their fullest. Also, something that you mustn’t forget while picking out your hair color is that you must go for a product that won’t be harsh on your hair. Make sure that you pick a product that neither damages your hair nor pinches your pocket. And if you have a hard time looking for a magical product like that, then you can also look for the variety of hair colors available in the market by Godrej Expert Rich Crème. They make hair colors that do not cause any harm to your hair and that is exactly what we want for you.

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