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Many people have been inspired to invest in their home space over the year probably due to the pandemic. As people spend more time at home many are not just satisfied with function but want space that provides self-expression, joy and comfort. Diving into the world of home decor can be interesting and at the same time overwhelming. As you try to figure out how to balance colour schemes, plan lightning, hang artwork and even position curtains. All these can sometimes be very stressful with the tips from Logan Puller, you can make your space feel luxurious.

Combine Pieces With Various Personalities Into Your Space

The combination of pieces with a different personality in terms of materials balanced by pure lines and colour will give your space that stunning look. The pure lines can be square, sinuous or geometric which can easily fit into classic rooms or contemporary homes. Quality fabric materials in beautiful shade and accessories like throws and pillows with a rich palette can also add that luxurious touch to every part of the home. 

Clean Your Light Fixtures

The dirty and old bulb will give your home less light making your home dark and dull which can also affect your mood. To brighten up your home you will need a bright and good quality bulb. So you can decide to get yourself a new bulb or clean your old bulb to bring back the brightness in them to your home. If you want a warm and cosy home you can go for the yellow light bulb and for a very bright home you can use white light. 

Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Spaces in the kitchen sometimes look unorganized and small because the spaces are liable to be messed up. You should therefore create time to clear things out, check for expired products and dispose of all unwanted stuff. Organize every item when restocking and if possible put all similar foods with taller items at the back. Everything on your worksurfaces should be carefully selected and appliances are well balanced with other stuff in the kitchen. 

Try Minimalism or Curate Your Clutter

You should have heard of the saying “Less is More” it can also be applied to home decor. When it comes to home decor especially for beginners it is best to give minimalism a try. Minimal decoration prevents you from creating an overwhelming environment to maintain and clean and can also surround yourself with stuff you love. The percentage of getting bored with home decor is very less when you decorate using items you have a deep connection to. For instance, you can choose to use your favourite books, photos or frame art from someone you love for decoration. But if you don’t want to go all-in on minimalism then you should try curation. You can have meaningful spaces when you bring more intention into curating space using decor. So you don’t have to force yourself in getting rid of stuff.  

Fusion of Contemporary and Modern Styles

Contemporary and modern home decor styles can creatively come together to give you an outstanding look. Just imagine the blend of straight lines of modern decor with the vibrant colours of contemporary style. It gives you the ability to choose and experiment with designs once you know the basic principles of designs. According to Logan Puller, you have to be creative when implementing this. 

Mix and Match Furniture

Using matching furniture seems to be an easy way to outfit your space but you should consider pairing items that don’t perfectly match. It is easy to get wrapped up in matching things that we fail to pay attention to healthy contrast. The comparison of styles, materials and textures in every space is very important, so the time spent in making decisions and selection for a room is worth it in long run. What if you already have matching furniture do you just throw it out of the house? You have an option if it is a furniture set you love. You can choose to get some pieces that will complement the furniture to break up the monotony.

Avoid Displaying Everything At The Same Height

Hanging accessories that are of the same size and height from one side of a surface to another can kill a beautiful design. So when you want to layout your furniture, display decor and hang art you should ensure playing with height. You can try switching the placement of the wall decor and pairing shorter items with taller items. It works every time you mix items of different sizes, shapes and heights as it creates depth, movement and interest. To create and maintain that stunning home decor look you should avoid displaying everything at the same height. 


The tips listed above Logan Puller is to help and direct you on your next home decor project. Are you trying to give your home a quick makeover or are you dealing with a full-blown renovation? Then you can put into consideration the tips in this post to start or finish up your project.

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