Amari Bailey, a Promising American Basketball Player

amari bailey mom

For many people, including Amari Bailey mom, seeing their children play sports professionally is a dream come true. The Bailey family has always been active in sports. This is why Amari takes after his former NFL father, Aaron, but he chose basketball instead of football. Amari is the son of Aaron Bailey and Johanna Leia. The teenager is slowly paving his way in the professional basketball league. While Amari is known for his athletic abilities, his mom is popular for other things. Here are some details about Amari and his mom.

Who Is Amari Bailey?

Amari is a 19-year-old promising basketballer in the United States who plays as a shooting guard. He currently plays for UCLA as part of their varsity team. He and LeBron James’ son, Bronny, played for the same team, and it is apparent that he is close to the James family. Amari’s dream is to one day play for the NBA, a dream that might come through with his current skills.

Who Contributed To His Success?

Amari attributed his success to the support of his mom, Johanna. According to media reports, Amari Bailey’s mom has been his rock and strongest supporter. His parents are divorced, so having his mother support him meant a lot to him.

Amari’s Appreciation For His Mother

In 2020, Amari made an Instagram appreciation post to praise his mother. He acknowledged that it hadn’t been easy for his mother as a single mom to raise him and his sibling. He thanked her for being there for them, even when things were hard.

Amari also admired his mother’s tough and resilient spirit and how she didn’t give up in the face of adversity. Furthermore, he was thankful for sharing a friendship bond with his mother, even though many don’t understand it. He ended the post by telling her he’ll always love her.

Who Is Amari’s mother?

Amari Bailey mom, Johanna, is also a celebrity who has been in the entertainment circle for a while now. She once worked as a model before transitioning into reality television. Although being an ex-model married to Aaron made her famous, being a reality star shot her to stardom. Not only that, she is also a social media influencer. She was once married to former NFL player Aaron Bailey, and they have two children together. Shortly after her divorce, she stayed in Chicago before relocating to another place with her children.

Reasons For Her Divorce

The reason for her divorce from Aaron wasn’t made public. But Johanna and Aaron peacefully co-parent their two children. Furthermore, Johanna has been very active in supporting her son’s career on social media. She tries as much as possible to go to his games whenever he is playing.

Johanna’s children

Johanna has two children with Aaron Bailey, Amari, and Savanna, born in 2004 and 2015, respectively. Amari, his sister, and his parents all have an Instagram account with thousands of followers. They all post things related to themselves on their accounts.

Johanna’s Love For Her Daughter

Savannah is Johanna’s daughter and Amari’s sister. To Johanna and her son, Amari, Savannah is their princess, whom they love very much. Johanna and Amari don’t hesitate to post pictures of Savannah and showcase their love for her.

Johanna’s Love For Her Son

Everybody knows Amari Bailey mom, Johanna, and how much she loves her son. In an interview, the mother of two gushed about how proud she is of her son. She stated that it was tough at first, especially when they left Chicago before Amari could start his high school education. According to Johanna, leaving Chicago was tough. This is because it would have been the best place for Amari to start his basketball career. However, it all worked out for the best as Amari is now with UCLA, and it’s also good for aspiring professional basketball players.

Johanna’s Career

Apart from being Amari’s mom and Aaron’s ex-wife, Johanna was a former model who participated in several fashion shows. In addition to that, she appeared on a reality television show and made a name for herself. Likewise, she is a social media influencer and has many followers on her accounts, especially on Instagram. But few know that Johanna is an astute and successful businesswoman. She opened a firm that specializes in sports marketing. The aim of doing this is to help support athletes to make money, even when they are not paying.

Love Life After Her Divorce

Johanna didn’t let her divorce stop her from dating again. After her divorce, she dated some notable celebrities, among whom are Drake, and possibly, Ja Morant. Her relationship with Drake was so high profile due to who Drake is. It was even made public that Drake had a private date with Johanna by renting out a whole stadium for her.

Unfortunately, their romance ended barely months after they started dating. Afterward, there was an unsubstantiated rumor that she was dating Ja Morant. Ja is a 24-year-old basketball player who is also an NBA player.


Lastly, Amari Bailey mom, Johanna, is very hardworking and resourceful. Unlike her son, she doesn’t play any sports. She instead chose to support her son’s career and build her own career. This is why her business is thriving and lots of new athletes trust her to manage their careers. Gradually, Johanna is building an empire for her children while giving herself financial freedom.

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