Top Five Altcoins with High Potential to Invest in 2021


Ever since the cost of BTC has surged at a significant rate and a sudden rise is witnessed in the cryptos industry, people have shown a lot of interest in the potential of the cryptos industry and other coins besides Bitcoin. In this article, we will be discussing the top Altcoins available in the market that have very high growth potential and do possess a significant belief in providing high returns on investments.

According to experts and experienced players in the market, a brand new season of Altcoin is upon us and after witnessing a record influx in BTC, it can now be assumed that the investors will begin directing funds into alternative assets of large and small capitalizations. The rally in Ethereum followed the investment inflow in Bitcoin which eventually gave rise to the increased interests of the investors around the world in the cryptos assets.

However, even in the rise of the whole market, it is inevitable that all the assets will give the same performance and hence some of the other alternate coins will definitely perform better than the others.

Here, we have gathered five altcoins that have a great growth potential according to a research-based on the data released by the exchanges to buy altcoins.

Top Five Altcoins to Invest in 2021


The crypto asset Ether is developed on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, which is an open-source platform that runs smart contracts. Investors with basic bullish nature see this crypto as a representation of the open Internet for the next decade since it assists apps in its network.

ETH serves as a fuel that enables smart contracts to function like Bitcoin, which is determined to be a unit of currency on a P2P network of remittance. In addition to this, the stockpile of ETH is not limited just like Bitcoin and frequently narrated as a minimum necessity to seal the network, it is set by the associates of the ETH community.

In the recent bull run, ETH has successfully managed to break the barriers in its way to rise up to a significant price.


Charlie Lee, the former engineer in Coibase and Google introduced in the year 2011. For the creation of Litecoin, the codebase of Litecoin was copied, advanced the overall stock, and altered the rate at which the brand new blocks are added to the blockchain. As for the generation value, only 84 million LTCs can ever be created which is almost four times the total stockpile of Bitcoin. It is one of the top five altcoins to invest in 2021.

According to predictions by the market experts, there is a huge possibility of LTC crossing the $1000 mark in near future.


Polkadot is the forerunner project by Web 3 Foundation and is developed to associate private and council chains, public networks, future techs, and forecasters. This crypto eases an internet where the unconventional blockchains can interchange data and dealings in an unreliable way via the Polkadot relay chain. The coin targets to make it convenient to generate and connect decentralized apps, overhauls, and organizations.


Cardano has been developed by a crew of scholars and engineers, and it is benefitting a distinctive perspective to expanding and securing a blockchain network. Three distinct entities are in charge of preserving and developing the not-for-profit platform. ADA is the cryptocurrency that plies in the respective network and dissimilar to others, can be utilized for direct value transfer.

In the month of October, the coin saw a significant rise and managed to spike over $0.1 to a height of $0.1715. The coin gained an impressive deal of interest from buyers and managed to excel over Bitcoin Cash.


Ripple is a platform that allows the exchange of currency and payment settlements that is authenticated by the independent servers. The currency available to trade is known as XRP and is capable of being traded in place of a majority of other cryptos with its distinctive selling postulation being the evasion of charges and waiting times frequently correlated with traditional banks.

As the currency is made up of Hash Tree and not of a blockchain so its currency is not capable of being extracted and consists of a restricted number of coins, 100 billion. Dissimilar to most of the cryptos that have a target set in mind to escape the financial institutions, Ripple is famous with traditional banks and is open to entering a partnership with them.


There are numerous exchanges to buy top five altcoins from and due to the extreme amount of financial attentiveness given to the market, many institutional, as well as individual investors, are positive about the growth of cryptos. However, the fight to be at the dominating position has always been there between the bulls and the bears.

So even more fluctuations are expected in the cryptos market in the near future as the collateral result of the fight for dominance between the bulls and the bears.

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