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Custom Rounded Corner Business Cards for your Business in UK

Channel Title: VC Print

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The finest business cards showcase your company for maximum impact. We understand this and have worked hard for years to produce Custom Rounded Corner Business Cards that exceed your expectations.

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1. What are Rounded Corner Business Cards?
Rounded corner business cards are identical to regular business cards, except that the edges have been rounded for a smoother appearance.

2. How Much Do Rounded Corner Business Cards Cost?
Rounded Corner Business Cards can be purchased for anywhere between £58 to £916, depending on factors such as quantity, finishing, and lamination.

3. Why should I use custom Rounded Corner Business Cards?
The absence of corners means that rounded business cards won’t be folded and will remain smooth and polished for longer than traditional business cards.

4. How should I send my Rounded Corner Business Cards artwork?
Email us your artwork for Rounded Corner Business Cards. Once we get your designs, we’ll check for size, design, resolution, colour scheme, alignment, typos, readability, and bleed.

5. What type of Rounded Corner Business Cards artwork files do you accept?
You can submit custom artwork in any of the accepted file types, such as EPS, PDF, or JPEG.

By clicking the link, you can purchase Rounded Corner Business Cards from VC Print right away.