Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos – Movable Glass Igloos in Finnish Lapland

Channel Title: Arctic Guesthouse and Igloos

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🏡 Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos is a B&B Guesthouse that is located in Ranua, Finnish Lapland. Along with the guesthouse, we also have ten fully mobile AuroraHut glass igloos and a sauna cart with 2-4 person accommodation available.

⛺ This video is mainly about our AuroraHut igloos which are fully mobile with space for two to four people. Because these igloos are considered boats in the eyes of the Finnish law, therefore the Igloos can be transported anywhere on the land or the lake as long as we have the land owners’ permission.
The igloos are easily moved from one place to another throughout the year. During summer, the Igloos can be pulled with a boat or with their own engine and in winter season they move on back of a snowmobile or ski track maker.

This fact makes the Igloos a little bit different compared to another glass igloos as you can have your unique accommodation anywhere you could ever wish. Because of this, you can enjoy the wonderful landscapes and nature phenomenon such as the northern lights (aurora borealis), midnight sun, sunny weather, rain, snowfall, freezing lake and everything else, wherever you want.

These glass igloos are also fantastic partners for your holiday adventures and activities. As you can ‘park’ your igloo into a desired position, you can reach great spots for different kinds of fishing, berry picking, swimming, walking or hiking. Only the sky is a limit for our fully mobile glass igloo.

🏠 Our B&B Guesthouse was built already in 1940s. We have rustic and traditional Guesthouse rooms available from single rooms all the way to two bedroom apartment. There are 18 rooms in total with more than 50 beds available for our guests.

The courtyard of our guesthouse includes plenty of interesting details from the 1940s. We have a traditional Lappish hut and a lakeside sauna that were built after the World War 2 and both of them can be used by any of our guests. There is also a caravan and parking area and private beach at the property.

All our booking rates include a free breakfast that is served in our restaurant that is located in the main building of the guesthouse. From the buffet, you can freely build your breakfast in the way that you wish to. We also have an option for lunch and a dinner menu with more than ten different options. Our dinner menu is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and also for those who love fish and meat. All our food is prepared from fresh and domestic ingredients.

We consider high customer satisfaction as one of our main aims and because of this, we are always looking to offer a unique holiday for each individual. So, if you have any special wishes considering your accommodation or the activities that you want to do, please let us know through our customer service and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

We offer our customers a long list of different kinds of nature activities throughout the year. We can take our guests ice fishing, sleigh rides with one of our igloos, snow mobiles and even with Finnish horses. We also collaborate with Ranua Zoo and Gulo Gulo, which means that the list of activities is actually a lot longer.

🌍 Ranua is located about one hour away from Rovaniemi and two hours away from Oulu. The small town in Lapland only has about four thousand people in total which makes it a really calm and silent place to spend your holiday. Ski centers such as Ounasvaara and Syöte are only about one hour away from us. Our small town is far less touristic than most of the popular travel destinations in Lapland, which makes it ideal for those who are looking for a real Lappish experience.

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🎥 This video was filmed and edited by Jari Romppainen and the copyright of the music belongs to AuroraHut Oy.