Viasky Announces It’s new CEO and CTO

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Summary: Global provider of Dedicated Servers, VPS Cloud Servers.

Viasky company, a leading Web hosting provider also providing top-notch internet connectivity and performance is proud to announce a change in the management in order to best serve customers better and grow the business.

Viasky is pleased to announce today that the top-rated IT professionals Danial Abid and Davood Abid have been appointed chief executive officer (CEO), and chief technology officer (CTO) consecutively of the prestigious company.

Danial will oversee the overall operations of the organization and ensure the successful management of the business as the organization stays true to its vision. Davood on the other hand will be in charge of the technical aspect and oversees the organization’s technical staff.

Being a global provider with data centres located across the globe, Danial and Davood are set to bring in their expertise, academic excellence, rich experience coupled with the passion and drive to better the workplace and ensure an excellent customer experience.

“As part of reimagining business operations and accelerating business operations, this new appointment is a huge step towards building sound business management practices. Although, Viasky is a great company with amazing product offerings and a powerful team of experts. I believe there is more that needs to be done” said the CEO Danial Abid. “That is why we are realigning our internal resources to ensure we have the best technological talents. This is a huge step and I am more than pleased to assume this bigger role,” Danial explains.

The CTO, Davood abid also adds that the appointment can be considered an inside-out approach to effective operations. “Together we can transform the web hosting landscape with state-of-the-art technologies while delivering high-quality connectivity that guarantees optimum performance,” he said.

Danial Abid has done outstanding jobs over the past year in transforming Viasky into a successful firm providing the best-dedicated server across every industry around the globe. His new appointment will be a game-changer to the ever-growing company and we believe will also address other business needs.

Davood Abid also brings decades of experience in the technological fields along with a strong grasp of the market. He is considered a tech junkie and his interests can be seen in his outstanding performance and innovative solutions provided over the years. He is a truly great addition to the team. We are more than excited to have him as the new CTO of this booming organization.

About Viasky:

Viasky is a global provider of Dedicated Servers, VPS Cloud Servers with Many Room Servers in Germany, France, and Finland, enabling us to power websites all over the world and support thousands more every day.

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