Prodigy Country Singer Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan wife

Zach Bryan, a popular country singer, is an award-winning singer known for his beautiful voice and lyrics. The Grammy-nominated star started his career from scratch and made it in no time. However, there is more to this star that his fans don’t know about. For instance, not many know Rose Madden was once Zach Bryan wife for a year. Here is detailed information about Zach, his ex-wife, his dating history, and much more.

The Life of Zach Bryan in Brief

Zach’s rise to fame is something of an inspiration to upcoming country singers still striving to make ends meet. He made history recently for being a country musician who rapidly rose to fame. Zach was born overseas in Japan to American parents who were navy officers. However, the family returned to Oklahoma, where they brought up their children, including Zach. Later on, when he grew up, Rose, Zach Bryan wife, and Zach lived in Oklahoma.


Zach as a military officer

Even though Zach is gifted in the music department, he didn’t start as a musician. As someone who started writing his own music at age 14, he could have made a name for himself in the industry. Instead, at 17 years old, he enlisted in the United States Navy, just like his parents. While serving in the military, he still recorded and released some music. He served the United States for nearly a decade before he was discharged honorably to focus on his musical career. This proved to be an excellent decision for Zach.

Musical Career

Shortly after his release from service, he released his much-awaited album that became hit after hits. Even his 2021 tour was a success and the arena filled to the brim. But with fame comes attention, especially from the opposite gender. So who is Zach Bryan wife, or girlfriend?

Collaboration with Kacey Musgraves

Zach signed with a major record label before leaving the military. This paved the way for his collaboration with Musgraves. Zach and Musgraves recorded an album for his fans. Not only that, the country singer has sold out several stadiums, and each stadium was filled to the brim. In a 2022 interview, Zach acknowledged his determination to keep playing music is a major contributing factor to his success. He also told the interviewer that his mother inspired him to keep going and play better.

Zach’s marriage to Rose

Zach is no longer married but in 2020, he once tied the knot with Rose Madden. Unfortunately, the union only lasted for a year before it hit the rocks and both have moved on, respectively. Till now, neither Zach nor Rose has revealed what led to their divorce. Zach sang about his brief marriage on one of his albums. He had previously dedicated his first album to his deceased mom. His distinct voice and lyrics got him the attention he needed in his career. Additionally, he performed both albums on one of his tours, making him go viral.

Who is Zach’s former wife?

Rose, who was formerly Zach’s spouse, is an extremely private individual. Nobody is sure of her profession, but few clues suggest that she’s a military personnel. She married Zach when he was still in active service, and before he became a star. Nevertheless, since the pair divorced, she remained private and maintained her silence on her divorce. The only notable thing she did was to delete all pictures of Zach and the ones they had together.

Does Zach have children?

Zach doesn’t have children at all. Although he didn’t envision his current fame, Zach said he would like to focus on his profession. So children are out of the question for now. Furthermore, he confessed in an interview that he is always amazed anytime people recognize him. As such, he would like to dedicate his time to making more memorable music.

Zach’s other romantic partners

After his divorce, Zach has dated several celebrities like Deb Peifer, and Brianna LaPaglia, to mention a few.

Zach and Deb Peifer

Deb is a program coordinator in the educational sector that is active on social media. When she was Zach’s girlfriend, he used to appear in her pictures and videos. The pair were lovey-dovey for a while before splitting up. Zach personally announced their split on his social media. According to him, they parted amicably and will fondly remember each other. He also enjoined his fans not to harass Deb and treat her respectfully.

Zach and Brianna LaPaglia

Brianna is Zach’s current girlfriend. It is unclear whether she will be Zach Bryan wife later. The reason is that Brianna stated that both of them are in the “casual and taking it easy” stage. She further stated that it is not too serious, and they’re trying to see how it goes. In a twist, a month later, Brianna said they are now seriously dating.


Lastly, Zach met Brianna at a music award in 2023. Brianna was smitten about her encounter with Zach by sharing her thoughts of him on YouTube. Zach and Brianna each had their lovers at that time. She attended Zach’s concert a month after she posted the YouTube video. When the concert ended, Bryan messaged her, and they started dating from then on. Some people didn’t believe this story and alleged both cheated on their partners, allegations Brianna denied. However, whether Brianna will be Zach Bryan wife in the future remains to be seen.

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