Types of Water Heater that are Best Suited for family

Water Heater

Warm water is always a boon in the winters. Warm water is beneficial to health, but a hot water shower is still a cure for many ailments.

Maybe it’s your guilty pleasure to sneak for a long hot shower, or it may be due to the excitement of installing a new water heater. Here are some benefits of a warm/hot bath which will add value to your reasons:

  1. It helps you to sleep faster.
  2. Relieves your Muscle tension along with improving blood circulation
  3. Healthy and clean skin
  4. Reliefs you from any respiratory ailments.

Here are a few points to look at while choosing the best water heater for yourself:

  1. Capacity or your requirement: Buy the water heater according to your need or the family’s size that will be using it. Also, what is it’s usage, where will you be using it, either in the Kitchen or Bathroom. Make sure to keep these two points in mind while deciding the Size (Litres) of your water heater.
  2. Energy Consumption plays a big part in deciding which water heater is suitable for your family. I would suggest going to an energy-efficient water heater as they save your electricity and are environmentally-friendly.
  3. Water quality is a significant factor in India when it comes to buying a water heater because there are very major water quality differences in different areas. Countries like Delhi have hard and salty water in significant areas, which can cause damage to your water heater. So buy accordingly which suit your water quality. There are water geysers available in the market which are made for battling with hard water.

Types of Water Heaters

1. Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters work by warming inside out by heating rods. Its names say it uses electricity to operate and is a bit higher in price than gas water heaters but more efficient. The best electric water heater can be different for different people. There are two main categories available in electric water heaters.

  • Storage Water Heaters

A Storage water heater is an appliance that stores warm water in its storage tank for the future and maximizes heating capacity. It heats the water in a large volume that takes more time than an instant water heater is heating the water, but it can provide hot water for a long time. They are the most commonly used bathroom heater. It has different shapes and capacities, ranging from 5 liters to 50, 100, and beyond. It comes in two forms: horizontal and vertical. The most commonly used is a vertical one. Mainly it depends on the ceiling and also water pressure.

It’s for those who want instant heater water for those who have to go early in the morning for their work as it heated the water and then retained it for a more extended period through its high-density PUF insulation technology.

  • Instant Water Heaters

As its names suggest, it delivers instant hot water. It works very well for kitchen purposes to wash dishes and that kind of stuff, but I would say it is suitable for bathing in those that have not much chillin days.

It saves energy and electricity as they do not store warm water, which may not be used.

2. Gas Water Heaters

A gas water heater operates on LPG and is highly efficient, and has low maintenance and weight. It saves a lot of your money by saving electricity as the other water heaters take a lot of electricity to operate.

It works on sensors. When you open a tap, a sensor detects the operation, and the hot burners fire and the heat start exchanging. But it has some safety issues. That’s why very few brands manufactured gas water heaters.

Wrap Up

So these are the main categories of bathroom heater which the majority of household use. So I would suggest buying that water heater that suits your situation. If you have small children in your home, don’t go for a gas water heater considering its safety risks other two categories good to go. I am using storage water heaters for many years, and it works well other than times when you need to go urgently, and you forget to open the geyser before. So every water heater has its advantages and disadvantages. I would say your habits also come into considerations while choosing a water heater.

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