Innovative Ways To Use Technology In Your Education & Webinar


It is necessary to use technology in the teaching and education industry. Moreover, all the teachers and students can find it easy to learn and teach with these ideas. An online webinar is also a technology trending since the pandemic. You can achieve great learning sitting at your home. 

But there is much more that you need to know about learnings and online webinar. Here is a complete overview of the various ways that can be helpful in using technology for better education. 

7 Ways to Use Technology In Your Educational & Webinar!

7 Ways that can be helpful in using technology in your education & webinar are as follows: 

  • Multimedia Slideshows and Presentations

You can create various slideshows and presentations that you can display during the live webinar. It can be beneficial to develop such content for your session. Moreover, it will make the topic clear and easy to understand with such visuals. You can effortlessly go live with the best webinar platform. So, they offer various features and functionalities to create a successful webinar. You can increase engagement, communication, and networking opportunities with these features. 

So, the aspects you must look for in an online webinar platform are as follows: 

  • End To End Customization
  • Unlimited Streaming
  • Worldwide Content Reach
  • Privacy And Security
  • Clap Sound
  • Hooting
  • Emoticons
  • Live Real-Time Audience Interaction
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Ticker
  • Countdown
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Conduct Virtual Tour for the Students 

You can consider the virtual tour technology provided by the on-demand streaming services. It will be helpful in making all your students interested in a tour study. Moreover, you and your students will get a perfect combination of technology and tour. They will feel a sense of excitement and will be able to attain significant knowledge + experience. 

Also, you will get various ways to maintain proper communication and connection with all the students. You will get live chat, audio, and video call options. Additionally, the attendees can ask you various questions using the Q&A panel. 

  • Pick Vlogging and Podcasting 

You can also create some daily vlogs to reach the students with some latest technology. You can reach the area or make the objects available at your place to use as an example in your vlog. Moreover, vlogging is a video blogging where you can create a real-time experience by using ambiance as one of the aspects.

Also, you can use podcasting as it is an audio version of a lecture or a story. You can prefer to talk in a storytelling way if you conduct a podcast. It will be helpful to engage the audience on the platform. 

  • Use Google Calendar

No need to create an old-school-style curriculum and timetable anymore for the students! Now, you can sync all the data to the Google calendar. All the students can use the same to know and learn about the next topic they will require to study in their next class. Also, you can add the webinar date and time sync with the google calendar so that students will receive a reminder on time to join the webinar. 

  • Visualize Mathematical Concepts with Virtual Manipulatives

Visuals make the studies more fun and easy to remember. So, you can use the various virtual manipulatives, such as base ten blocks, coins, blocks, and tangrams, for teaching complex mathematical concepts. It will be helpful in increasing the student’s interest in your subject. Hence, you can incorporate the use of virtual manipulatives in online classrooms sometimes. 

  • Create Teaching Videos

You can create a video to teach the students better about various topics. Moreover, you will get a lot of chances to edit and make changes to your videos if you will record them first and then upload them online for webinar. All you need is a camera, script, microphone, and practice. You can set cameras on different angles and use a microphone for a clear voice. Additionally, do not memorize the script word to word. Just remember the information and convey it on your terms. On-demand streaming is mostly used for teaching videos for the convenience of students learning at their own pace.

  • Provide a Video Feedback, quizzes, and Surveys

You can create a video to share the feedback with the students. It can be helpful to visualize the things and points you want them to understand better for next time work. Moreover, they will get a visual of the changes and corrections they adapt to efficiently. 

Also, you can use quizzes and survey-type content to teach and know what your students have learned. Moreover, share it with them so they can understand the concepts better. 

  • Teach Complex Concepts in the Form of Games

There must be a lot of concepts that can be complex for students to solve. So, you can use some games and other ideas in order to make it easy and exciting for the students. They will play and learn. That will lessen your burden of teaching. 

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful in using technology in your educational webinar. Moreover, you can attain great learning and development in your students with such an approach. 

I hope, you will find this article beneficial in using technology in your teaching and educational webinar.

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