Suuzuki Alto New Model in Pakistan


The Alto is one of the few cars that is very economical. Promising to pay money and it won’t make you lucky. The same has been the case with the Suzuki Alto VXL 2020 price in Pakistan. The price is really higher than the Suzuki Mehran because the car provides more than the basic ride. The Alto ensures that drivers and passengers enjoy a comfortable ride. Therefore, to relieve, the cost is more than modest. The Alto VXL 2020 is available in the market for approximately PKR.1,633,000. Car Prices in Pakistan 2021 are available here.

Although the car was introduced in the market with the aim of targeting the middle class. People who are also looking for luxury. However, the shape, specifications, features, and smooth ride also gave the Alto the opportunity to move into the upper-middle class. What’s more, the resale price of this car is also good. This is one of the reasons why Alto is easily available for sale in Karachi or anywhere.

Suzuki Alto VXL interior

The company has really worked on the Alto interior. Attention has been paid to providing comfort to the inner part from the core. The interior is great and has all the basic modern features. Windows is automatic with a Windows locking option. In addition, the car is available with a central locking option and anyone can unlock it remotely from the car.

Not only this, with the help of electric mirrors you can do wonders. With cup holders, so you can enjoy your drinks on the go. a.c and heating options are available in the new Alto. It is one of the spacious cars and is not as compact as most small cars. Comfortable seats, plenty of leg space, and extremely well-designed car interior. However, the seat belt option remains for front passengers only and the seat belt is not provided at the rear.

Suzuki Alto Specifications

The specifications of the Suzuki Alto are quite smooth and technically good. The Pak Suzuki Alto offers maximum torque of 55/5000 (Nm / rpm) and has 3 inline cylinders.

The Pak Alto offers a promising momentum. The Suzuki Alto has a high speed of 5 speeds with an automatic transmission of about 120 kilometers per hour.

Suzuki Alto VXL 2020 color

The Suzuki Alto is expected to be available in a wide range of colors. The car is said to be available in twelve colors. This is beyond expectations. This will ensure that you will at least love the alto color. Many color options include white, blue, pink, red, dark blue, light blue, black, gray, green and so on.

Suzuki Alto Mileage

The Alto was originally built to meet its economic needs. This is one reason why reverse mileage is one of the exceptions. Providing mileage that is not easy to beat by an opponent. The Alto gives an expected mileage of 20-25kmpl which is really great. In addition, Alto’s fuel tank has a capacity of 35 liters. Therefore, once the tank is complete, one can easily travel long distances without worrying about fuel.

Suzuki Alto competitor

There are many competitors for Suzuki Alto VXL in the market. In recent years, the demand for small cars has increased due to convenience. As a result, there are now many direct and indirect competitors in the Alto market. The first thing Daihatsu mentions about a competitor is mine. After that Nissan OT and even Suzuki Mehran can be competitors but some of the indirect competitors.

To draw conclusions

The Alto 2020 is a car with a beautiful exterior and an even better interior. Improve the interior of the car to such an extent that it does not even look close to the previous models. To make the Alto better compared to any other car of the same capacity. Furthermore, the Suzuki Alto 2020 is definitely promising and it is a sustainable, standard transport with a price promise. The car’s performance is smooth and pocket-friendly. After all, car maintenance is not expensive and does not require anything other than regular maintenance in the beginning.

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