6 Elegant Subscription Packaging Ideas to Generate Higher Sales


Do you wish to make sure that you cater to all customer unboxing expectations? Subscription custom packaging is a sure shot way to achieve a higher customer satisfaction level.

Subscription sales have double-folded over the past decade. More approachable e-commerce has encouraged a higher number of customers to opt for monthly or weekly subscriptions that deliver their orders right to their locations.

Where do custom boxes come in?

Subscriptions are ordered online. Customers only get a tangible brand feel when they receive their first order. It is imperative that the boxes offer a worthwhile shopping experience so customers don’t miss out on buying products at physical stores.

Standard packaging boxes are neither sufficient to contain every subscription product productively nor do they excite customers about their orders.

Are you looking for that exceptional box look for your subscriptions? Don’t worry, in this article we are offering our favorite subscription box design ideas!

One: A box for every occasion

Particularly during major holiday seasons, getting the celebratory vibe is essential to please customers. Custom box designs make them as suitable for Valentine’s Day as for Christmas and New Year’s. It means that your box can exactly look like the part and resonate with the current trends.

Customized subscription boxes can be sent to dear ones as gifts too. This also requires the boxes to reflect personalized sentiments. Buyers look for exceptional brand encounters that can be extended by designing the boxes appropriately. Some of the best choices can include:

  1. Using green and red colors on top of the signature branding elements for Christmas and vibrant messages to welcome the New Year, and so on.
  2. Picking vibrant colors to be more eye-catching and fit for every occasion.
  3. Stating celebratory taglines that spread positive sentiments among customers.
  4. Adding personal brand touches like ribbons, custom handles, 3D printing effects, and more.

Two: Provide a wholesome shopping procedure

Subscription products are a part of regular customer routines. Using the boxes to make your brand a firm part of this timetable is not a bad idea.

The products can offer varied possible uses and functions. For example, cosmetic subscription boxes can suggest using the complete line offered by the brand. You can also state how the customers can use the cosmetics correctly and for multiple tasks. The boxes can contain little pieces of user manuals printed with attractive colors. It adds an extra edge to the boxes and brand appeal.

For food items, putting in recipes and possible combinations of ingredients is an effective way to extend positive shopping sentiments. All these creative tips create a compulsion for buyers to opt for your brand for future subscriptions too.

Three: Encourage multiple subscriptions

More often than not, brands offer more than one type of subscription.

Printing your custom packaging with the other services your brand offers would work to boost overall sales. The boxes are carefully scrutinized by customers and putting marketing info here always works.

Customers love the idea of pampering themselves once a month or fortnight. You can foster their demand for more subscriptions by extending the whole range your business offers and conveying how these are beneficial for them.

Not just this but any other branding info can also be effectively communicated on the boxes. Contemporary customers also highly appreciate personalized messages. A little thank you or welcome text can make a big impact. The aim is to keep customers glued to your subscriptions. And they would only do so when the boxes add value to their orders.

Four: Consistent branding design

Don’t forget that the boxes are an extension of your brand. However, you wish to design them, be mindful to keep your branding persistent throughout.

Customers rely on familiar brand images for subscriptions. A good level of brand recognition culminates when buyers see the specific brand identity time and over. The brand logo and title must be designed uniformly and reflect on every subscription box. This way all your boxes would support similar branding elements and link them with your business.

We suggest that you make sure that your packaging reflects both the theme of the box as well as your brand as a whole for holding out a personalized branding aura.

Five: Place everything aptly on the boxes

Not every customer attaches the same sentiments to custom designs. Some things might click strongly with certain customer groups. Similarly, the boxes have to be designed for the products inside.

Food items and medicines need better protected custom printed shipping boxes than apparel items. Varied dimensions make it crucial that the branding components are placed at the most prominent box spot. We suggest that you determine the visible box points and place the brand image on them. The rest of the product info can be placed on the sides.

Welcome notes look better when printed on the opening flaps. This way the customers are better communicated with and the box space is also used more effectively. You must also plan out what content matters the most and place it on your subscription boxes. Putting a lot of info or too little can both miss the mark and intended purpose.

We strongly advise creating prototypes before picking the final box look.

Six: Be in sync with current trends

There is a lot of info available on the ongoing box patterns popular among buyers. You can use these within your subscription boxes so they look modern and functional.

For example, presently the customers highly value sustainable boxes. Using bio-degradable materials is a good way to please customers. Many brands are now switching to reusable boxes because of their popularity among buyers. These materials are cheaper to get and easier to customize too. So, your brand would be saving on costs and effort too.

Being up-to-date with changing customer dynamics makes your brand relatable for customers. They would greatly consider continuing with their subscriptions henceforth.


Now that you have some solid custom packaging ideas, it’s time to get started building your brand image!

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