Reminders when applying for the Singapore employment pass

Singapore employment pass

Singapore offers many different kinds of work visa for foreign individuals. They offer easy work visa applications because of the number of interests for an individual. Since Singapore is a hot spot for economic activities there are many businesses present here. 

These businesses conduct business operations in Singapore because of the many business-friendly policies that it implements. Due to the presence of these big corporations, there are many job opportunities that are available in Singapore. These job opportunities are not just for Singaporean locals but also available to foreign applicants.

There are many job openings in Singapore from professional positions to mid-skilled ones. Visa Singaporean registered companies requires all kinds of individuals with different skill set. One of the most applied is the employment pass Singapore permit. This pass is given to professionals that work in managerial or executive positions. If you want to know more here are the things that you have to remember when applying for this work visa. 


The employment pass Singapore permit is available to all foreign nationals. To qualify for this work visa must have a job offer that is located in Singapore. As mentioned it should be in the level of echoes executive or managerial. Specialized job offers that would fall under this levels of job description would also be recognized by Singapore

The candidate should also have at least a $4500 monthly salary to be able to apply for this work visa. If the applicant is older and has more experience they will be required to have a higher monthly. When it comes to educational background a good university degree is required since this visa is intended for professional individuals. Additional credentials such as certificates and other specialized skills are also more preferred by the Singaporean government. 


When you are applying for the employment pass Singapore permit you would need the personal particulars page of your passport. This would serve as your identification as you enter Singapore. If the applicant’s name is different on the passport vs there other documents they should submit an explanation letter and other supporting documents. An affidavit is also required as additional proof of identification. 

Additional requirements are the company’s latest business profile that contains the details about the business operations. Educational certificate such as the diploma and other training proofs are also required. 

The local companies sponsor is the one allowed to process the work visa application. A third-party agency can also apply on behalf of the candidate. For each work visa application, 105 would be charged. After issuance, an additional $225 will be charged for each path. 

In most cases, it would take around three weeks for the work visa application to be accomplished. However, if the company is not a Singaporean registered office then the application would most likely take about 8 weeks. 


One of the benefits of the employment pass Singapore permit is that holders can bring their family to Singapore as well. If the family member is a legally married spouse, they can get a hold of the dependent pass. Unmarried children younger than 21 years old including those that are legally adopted can also apply for the same kind of bath. 

Common-law spouses and their unmarried handicapped children above 21 years old can be issued the long-term visit pass. While unmarried stepchildren younger than 21 years old are also eligible for the long-term visit pass. If the parents of the visa holder wanna go to Singapore they can apply for a long-term visit pass as long as the holder is earning at least 12,000. 

Other work visa options

Personalized employment pass

You can upgrade the employment pass Singapore permit to enjoy more benefits. If you are a current holder of the employment pass and are already earning $12,000 monthly, you can apply for this visa.

Foreign individuals who are still currently working abroad but it’s already earning $18,000 monthly can apply for this work visa. Additional benefits such as being able to work in any sector can be enjoyed once you are approved for the personalized employment pass.

Holders of this work visa can also enjoy staying in Singapore for a maximum of six months even if they are not currently employed. They also wouldn’t have to apply for a new work visa if they want to change employers. They would just have to employ the Singaporean government about the changes in the job and address. 

S pass

If there is a work visa available for professionals there is also a visa for mid-skilled individuals. A foreign individual who wants to work in Singapore can apply for the S pass. As long as their earning at least $2500 monthly an employer or an agency can apply for this type of work visa.

They are required to have a degree or diploma to qualify. In some cases, Singapore allows technical certificates as long as it is relevant to the job that they are applying for. These certificates should be worth at least a year of full-time academic study. 

One benefit of this work visa is that they are entitled to medical insurance from their employer. They can also bring family members to Singapore and enjoy the same worker’s benefits as them. The visa of family members should also be accomplished by the employer. If you want to know if you are qualified for this type of visa then you can use the self-assessment tool provided by the Singaporean government. 


Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to expand and try their luck in Singapore. Business owners can acquire this type of visa when they want to register their company in Singapore. The business proposal must be venture back or has technological advancement that is beneficial to Singapore. 

An individual can apply for this visa if their company has not been registered for more than six months. They can also opt to apply for the company registration once the visa has been approved. 

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Singapore has been one of the best places to conduct business operations. That is why there will always be job opportunities that are perfect for you. We can help you determine your eligibility and get your application started. Contact Renai Group today to know more.

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