Sadie Sandler, An Actress Who Comes From a Family Of Actors

Sadie Sandler

Sadie Sandler, daughter of celebrities Jackie and Adam Sandler, was born in California, United States in 2006. While her younger sister was born a year later. Coming from a family of celebrities, Sadie has been exposed to the public at quite an early age. Even when she goes outside, people recognize her, including the paparazzi. So what does Sadie do? Scroll down to find out.

The Sadie Sandler

Sadie Sandler comes from a family of actors who have made their marks over the years. Even her sister who is two years younger than her has entered the entertainment industry. Her cousin, uncle, and grandparents from her father’s side are all actors. In addition, her family has a movie production company that has produced more than fifty movies.

Her parents

Sadie's parents
Image source: People

Sadie’s parents are actors Jackie and Adam Sandler. Jackie, her mom, has been active in the television and movie industries since the 90s. Her acting roles vary greatly, a testament to her acting skills. Jackie has acted as a waitress, mother, and in other roles over the years. She met her husband, Adam, on a 1999 movie set. The pair started dating and got married years later. 20 years later, their love is still waxing strong. Adam and Jackie are blessed with two beautiful and talented children, Sadie and Sunny Sandler.

Adam’s Love For His Wife, Jackie

Adam Sandler never hides the fact that he loves his wife dearly. He is always posting loving words about his family, most especially his wife. Adam and Jackie are always together on most movie sets. Whenever Adam has a movie, you will see Jackie there, and vice versa.

Together, the two have appeared in over 29 movies. In most of his interviews, Adam said that anytime he is given demanding roles, his wife often encourages him to take them. The same goes for Jackie, she asks Adam for his opinion on any roles given to her.

Adam’s Love For His Children

Adam loves his children very much, and he is proud of them. He revealed in an interview that although his daughters might look like he’s forcing them to act, it’s the reverse. He stated that they love acting. In his words, they always ask him when preparations for the next movie will start for them to feature in.

Even the directors who have worked with the Sandler sisters praised them. One of the directors acknowledged how hardworking the sisters were while on his set. He said it’s not surprising since the girls’ father also works hard.

Sadie’s Occupation

Just like her parents and family members, the teenager is also an actress who has graced the big screen.

Movies she has appeared in include Hotel Transylvania, Pixels, and so on.

She and her sister have acted alongside their fathers because this is nothing new in the Sandler family. However, Sadie started acting before her sibling because she was older than Sunny, her sister.


Apart from acting, the Sandler’s family is blessed with singing skills, something their daughters have inherited. Sadie can sing, just like her sister and father. The siblings often sing on stage with their dad and during musical shows.

Recent movie roles

Sadie Sandler
Image Source: Evening Standard

Recently, Sadie Sandler and her family landed a new movie role that involves nearly all the family members’ participation. The movie is a Netflix adaptation of a 2005 novel written by popular author Fiona Rosebloom. Sadie, her parents, and her sister are the leading actors in the comedy flick. The movie has been completed and released to the market for viewing.

Movie reception

Since its release, viewers have had nothing but praise for the movie. People were awestruck at Sadie and her sister holding their own against the veteran actors in the movie. They performed brilliantly alongside their father.

Moreover, this is not the first time the Sandler sisters will appear in a movie. They have starred in several movies with their father. But what impressed the audience was their acting prowess, which has improved. Those who watched the movie have promised to check out other movies by Sunny and Sadie Sandler.

What The Movie Is About

The movie is about the life of a teenager Stacy, her family, and her friends. The theme of the movie centers around holding a bat mitzvah party. It also depicts the relationship between Stacy and her loved ones, most especially her friend, Lydia. Their friendship was tested when Stacy caught Lydia in an ambiguous situation with a boy she was crushing on.

As a result, the two friends disagreed and didn’t move together as before. On top of that, rumors were circulating online about Lydia and Stacy. Additionally, they had to plan their school drama and all these had a toll on both Stacy and Lydia.

The Actors In The Movie

Sunny, Sadie and Adam Sandler were in the movie, but their mom didn’t play their mom in the movie. Another versatile actress played the role of their mother. Sadie’s mother, Jackie, played the role of Lydia’s mother.


To sum up, Sadie Sandler and her sister are different from kids who have celebrity parents. Unlike other celebrity kids who hide under their parents’ shadows, their parents trained them to be independent. Furthermore, the sisters work hard to make a name for themselves despite their young age. Their hard work has paid off, hence why Sadie and Sunny Sandler are famous today.

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