Protect Yourself From Sim Jacking With Cybersecurity Cover

sim jacking

None of us can deny the fact that our phones hold innumerable amounts of data about us and so does our mobile number or SIM. SIM card thefts/frauds can be extremely dangerous and can put you behind the bars without any fault. Your SIM card or your mobile number is your identity in today’s world and hence it is important that you keep it safe. But with one of the most prevalent types of cybercrime named SIM-Jacking that takes control of one’s personal and financial life, it has become extremely difficult to maintain your safety. 

Cybercrimes are a matter of grave concern and one needs to adapt to ways that keep you safe from such unexpected events. It is important to know that apart from SIM jacking there are several other types of cybercrimes like Phishing attacks, spoofing a call, data infringements through software, applications, etc., and much more. In short to say the meaning of cybercrimes is any illegal activity in cyberspace or digital space which leads to data theft of any kind. In this article, we will discuss SIM Jacking which is the most common form of cybercrime, and lakhs of people become a victim of it every year. Hence cyber safety has gained increased momentum and both national and international cybersecurity bodies are working towards strengthening the same. 

What is SIM Jacking?

With the help of this form of cyber-attack, the attacker can take control of one’s personal phone number and his/her digital life. In most cases, this is done by adapting to the social engineering approach wherein the attacker gets involved with employee/s at a SIM card/broadband/service provider company and bribe them using cryptocurrency or PayPal and ask them to swap phone services from the victim’s card to a card that belongs to the attacker. Once this is done, the attacker can take over all personal social media, banking, and other personal and financial information and use it to his/her benefit. The most common targets of this form of cyber-attack are people of high repute like celebrities, influencers, CEO, etc. 

Ways to Prevent and Protect Yourself Against SIM Jacking

    1. Make sure that your SIM is secured– Check with your SIM card provider as to what is the level of security that they offer against such cyber-attack. Also, verify if there are additional steps that can be added to upgrade your security. Like adding an additional PIN or a step without which the SIM card and its data cannot be breached. 
    2. Do not connect all your accounts to your personal phone number– You can use Google Voice to validate your social media or other accounts so that all your accounts are not connected to your personal mobile number. 
    3. Keep in regular touch with your service provider- In case you have lost your data and the attacker has the access to all your information. First and foremost, let your service provider know about the issue. In the meantime, log in from your computer to have control of your accounts. Try and recover your email because generally, that is the first point from where passwords can be recovered for all other accounts. 

How to Protect Yourself with Cybersecurity Cover?

With the help of a Cybersecurity Cover by Bajaj Finserv, you can swiftly get complete assistance in the following immediate actions-

  • Calling your service provider and informing the situation
  • Safety from any financial losses because of any form of cybercrime
  • High coverage in case of financial losses at easy and affordable premiums

Therefore, with a cybersecurity cover in place, you will be protected for not just one but all forms of cyber-attacks. 

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