Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dressing Table for Your Bedroom

Dressing table

A vanity dressing table once used to be considered as a fundamental necessity, as young maidens had to spend hours at beautifully crafted dressing tables getting themselves all decked up, to present themselves to society. Being bulky pieces of furniture they would be placed at a prime location in the room, drawing every onlooker’s attention. Above all, the elegant and classy design of the dressing table gave the room character. The bigger and bulkier, the better it was considered to be.

A typical vanity dressing table not only provides you with limited storage space for cosmetics, jewelry, and other trinkets but can be considered as “décor” used to glam-up your room. But now, with living quarters getting smaller, one can no longer house large pieces of furniture meant for a single purpose, instead, the need for improvisation and modification is necessary.   

There are several collections and styles of dressing tables, ranging from vintage to contemporary, along with face mirrors to full-length mirrors. Choosing the most appropriate dressing table for your home is important. Depending upon the size of your home and the functionality you want your dressing table to possess, you can either opt for wall-mounted, elevated, or even full dressing table sets. Many online furniture stores sell dressing tables online, and you can select one that’s just right for your home, here are a few tips to consider before finalizing on a particular one. 


  1. Features to Look for in a Dressing Table

According to the size of the bedroom and how you plan on utilizing the dressing table, you would need to consider a few things in terms of its features. But before you do so, having a vision of your room will give you the benefit of deciding on the type of furniture and style you would want your room to have. While most people opt for a stylish dressing table to give the room character, not all have the luxury to do so, as some might be trying to fit a dressing table in a compact space. Therefore, going in for a dressing table that has multiple spacious drawers serves a dual purpose such as storage as well as a dressing station, making it a smart option. Also, you would want to keep in mind that not all dressing tables come along with mirrors and a bench, hence, you would have to decide whether you want one in that fashion. In case this isn’t what you’re looking for, you can invest in a wardrobe which comes along with a full-length mirror, this will not only help provide an entire view of yourself in a better manner but would sort out any storage dilemmas. 

  1.  Dimensions of the Dressing Table

Choosing a dressing table that’s in line with the proportion of the room is important. If it’s too big it restricts movement, too small then it doesn’t serve the expected purpose. And you don’t want your furniture looking out of place. Therefore, it is necessary to pick a dressing table that aligns with the other furniture in the room without seeming to be out of place. Bulky pieces of furniture tend to occupy a lot of space making the bedroom appear cramped. So, be sure to measure the dimensions of the dressing table before setting on a particular one. If you can’t find one that fits perfectly, then customize it. There are many modern units too which are now available, you can give your room a chic and well-adjusted look by selecting one.

  1. Best Place for a Dressing Table in a Bedroom

When deciding on the best place for a dressing table to be located, two things to be considered are convenience and natural light. Place a dressing table at a location where you would get natural light, while at the same time somewhere convenient, where it doesn’t obstruct movement, would make a great location. You wouldn’t normally think of this, but, corners, as well as alcoves, make an intimate spot for a dressing station. The only disadvantage in these spots would be the lighting, therefore, going in for a vanity mirror that comes along with bulbs or artificial lighting can do the trick.   

  1. Type of Materials for the Dressing Table

Although there are many materials to choose from when it comes to a dressing table the most popular furniture option is wood. While there are many variants such as painted or stained, depending upon the theme your room has going, you can select the most suitable one. Some wooden dressing tables also come with carved designs giving the table an attractive look. Other options include metal and glass and some even have a mirror or a glossy finish.

  1. Style of the Table

Finally, pay attention to the design style of the dressing table, as it needs to go well with other furniture in the room as well.  Depending on the type of vibe- rustic, classic, contemporary, modern, minimalistic – you got going on, you can choose an elegant yet chic dressing table which can best represent your taste. There is a wide range of styles to choose from, however, make sure that it coordinates well with the theme and colour variations in the room. 

Last but not the least, your dressing table is your intimate spot, where you spend time to get yourself ready for the day, therefore make sure it resonates comfort and convenience. If you need help selecting a dressing table or need an opinion on the type of dressing table that would go best in your home, some of the best modular furniture companies in India can help and share their ideas.

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