Lisa Linde: The Ex-Wife of James Marsden

Lisa Linde

For a decade beginning in 2000, James Marsden seemed to have found the type of love that people only dream about – one that would last a lifetime. He and fellow actor Lisa Linde exchanged vows in July of that year when he was 26 and she was 28. 

Unfortunately, the blissful union between the X-Men, Westworld, and Dead To Me star didn’t last. Ultimately citing ‘irreconcilable differences,’ Lisa filed for divorce in 2011. The couple had two children during their marriage’s duration: son James was born in 2001 and daughter Mary James followed in 2008.

It wasn’t a flash in the pan—Marsden and Linde had a long-lasting union, but after 11 years together, what caused them to part ways? Was it an irreconcilable difference between them? An unexpected twist of fate? Or something else that led to the dissolution of their marriage? Let’s explore the marital life of James Marsden and Lisa Linde together.

When the news broke in 2011 that James Marsden and Lisa Linde were calling it quits, fans were heartbroken. From the outside, they had seemed like the perfect couple, but underneath it all their marriage was far from ideal. Years later, Marsden would admit that they had drifted apart and he had lost sight of what was truly important. The ultimate decision to separate was what was best for both of them. While Lisa Linde has not been in a relationship since Marsden has found true joy with songstress Edei for over five years. Despite the split, Linde and Marsden remain close and continue to co-parent their children; they have even gone on vacations together since getting divorced!

Who is Lisa Linde?

On a sunny summer day in 2000, actress Lisa Linde made her way down the aisle to join her beau, actor James Marsden, in matrimony. But who is this Nashville-born beauty? 

Born on May 10, 1972, to the late Dennis Linde, a composer who produced songs for artists such as Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, The Judds, and Garth Brooks. — Lisa has graced the small screen in Days of Our Lives, Pacific Blues, and The Darkling. 

Her star-studded marriage with Marsden may have ended in 2011 but the love story that brought them together remains a magical memory.

The Tale of Lisa Linde and James Marsden’s Unwavering Bond

Lisa Linde and James Marsden shared a bond that was unique and enduring, long before their relationship hit a rough patch. The star cherished his wife because she was his constant companion, his support system, and his confidante through thick and thin. Their love story has its roots almost a year after their fateful meeting.

James noticed Lisa for the first time when she was seeing his friend, and he immediately knew he wanted to be with her. “Hi, I am Jimmy,” he said, feeling nervous and hesitant, but compelled by destiny. They didn’t date immediately, but as soon as Lisa was free, James swept her off her feet. At 22, James had already experienced a few heartbreaks and thought he may never find his soulmate. He was unaware that he would soon encounter Lisa, a refreshing young woman in her early twenties. Beyond her beautiful smile and kind eyes, what he truly loved about her was how understanding and supportive she was – qualities that made them an undeniable match made in heaven! He was conscious of his flaws and would often feel anxious about ruining his career, but he never shared that with her. Instead, he would keep her at a distance when he was feeling low, which drove her up the wall.

Despite their differences, Lisa and James remained united throughout their relationship, until things started to sour. Even then, Lisa remained a confidante to James, and he held her in high regard. Their romantic relationship may have ended, yet their connection stayed strong and they will forever be united in their admiration for each other.

Lisa Linde’s Dream Marriage to James Marsden Fades Away 

Lisa Linde and James Marsden’s relationship had the makings of a fairytale – a swift courtship, a successful marriage, and two children.  Unfortunately, over time the couple started to drift apart and Lisa believed that it couldn’t be reversed. Lisa finally decided to quit her marriage in 2011. 

The couple’s separation was complicated by the fact that they were already parents to two adorable children – Jack and Mary. James shared the tough choice he had to make, calling it the most trying of his life. It was a very difficult decision for James Marsden to end his marriage to Lisa Linde. However, he saw the importance of honoring her desires for the sake of his family.

Despite the sadness of their parting, Lisa and James continue to be dedicated and loving parents to their children. They may have grown apart, but they are determined to maintain a strong and loving bond as co-parents. 

A Happy Ending Amidst Divorce and New Love

Lisa Linde and James Marsden’s relationship ended, but they remain connected. They take their children on family vacations and even allow James’ new girlfriend to join. Reflecting on the breakup, James revealed that his previously privileged life was disrupted and changed his perspective on what is important, such as family. Despite the heartbreak, their story has a happy ending beneath the surface. After separating from Lisa, James had another child in 2015 with Brazilian model Rose Costa. They named him William Luca Costa-Marsden. The couple soon split after William’s birth.

Moving On

There is no information about Lisa Linde’s current love life and she has managed to keep it under wraps if it exists. James Marsden is in a relationship with English singer-songwriter Edei. Little is known about the relationship, but it has been going strong for over five years. Edei, who was born Emma Deigman in the UK 31 years ago, is 16 years younger than Marsden. Interestingly, their birthdays are one day apart – Marsden’s on September 18 and Edei’s on September 19. The couple often appears together at red carpet-events. Edei is passionate about her career as a performer and hopes to be remembered as a “live act to go see.”

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the marriage of James Marsden and Lisa Linde may not have stood the test of time, but their commitment to co-parenting their children and remaining close is a testament to their enduring bond. Their once fairytale-like love story was a match made in heaven until they grew apart. The dissolution of their marriage may have been heartbreaking, but both have moved on, James with his girlfriend, and Lisa managing to keep her personal life under wraps. Despite the tough decision and hardships faced by both parties, what remains is mutual respect, appreciation, and love for one another, as well as gratitude for the love that brought them together.

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