Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker, The Iconic Power Couple

kourtney & travis

Travis and Kourtney Kardashian have consistently surprised their fans since they began dating in 2021. Even though their love story began two years ago, Kourtney and Travis have been acquainted years ago. In fact, the pair had a friendship type of relationship before they transitioned into a romantic relationship. Both of them were in the news this year when they announced they’re having a boy at Travis’ concert. Below is a recount of the beautiful relationship of these two celebrities.

Little Information About Travis And Kourtney

Kourtney and Travis are celebrities, who became popular for different reasons. Kourtney is a reality television star, while Travis sings. The two met and fell in love years after meeting each other. Ironically, Barker was crushing on Kim Kardashian before he got together with Kourtney.


Kourtney and Travis formalized their relationship in 2022. A year later, Kourtney celebrated their anniversary by posting a loving video of herself and Travis to her Instagram. She captioned the video with thanks to God for giving her a good man. Afterward, both husband and wife posted a colorless throwback video of their wedding ceremony. It also contains the moment Travis and Kourtney exchanged their vows and rings and when they left the marriage venue. A year later, the lovebirds became expectant parents.

Kourtney And Travis’ relationship

kourtney & travis
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Kourtney and Travis are deep in love. For their anniversary, both wrote that they couldn’t wait to spend forever together. Travis also celebrated Kourtney’s birthday in 2023 with sweet love messages. He further shared intimate posts of himself and Kourtney enjoying their time as a couple. In addition, Travis surprised Kourtney with a romantic getaway, which was later shared on social media. Kourtney didn’t disappoint in showing off her husband by posting pictures of herself hugging and congratulating Travis on their anniversary. She also uploaded photos from their romantic getaway that Travis surprised her with.

Holiday Celebrations

The Barkers are traditional individuals and like to mark major celebrations. They mark birthdays, Valentine, Christmas, and other significant days. The couple loves to surprise each other, travel to exotic places for holidays, and sometimes throw parties. Even when Kourtney got pregnant with their baby boy, they marked the happy occasion publicly.

Baby’s Gender Reveal

In 2023, the Barkers told the world their baby is a boy. It was done during Travis’ show in the United States. Kourtney was styled in a baby blue maternity dress, which in itself was a clue. While Travis was beside her with his drums. The expectant parents faced the crowd, while Travis beat the drum for the blue ribbons to burst forth. Kourtney and Travis had prepared to roll out the streamers once Travis beat the drum.

Public Showcase Of The Event

Kourtney and Travis uploaded a teaser of the occasion on their respective Instagram accounts. This was then followed by full images of the gender announcement with Travis and his drums. Similarly, there was a picture of Kourtney standing with her husband. Kourtney put different emoji drum tags on her post. It even showed her standing amongst the fans with a sign saying “I am pregnant” hand-painted on it.  Not only that, but her pregnant belly was visible in the posts. Kourtney got an idea for this reveal from a musical video in the 90s. Additionally, Kourtney shared herself preparing the gender reveal before she joined Travis on stage with those who helped her out for her followers.

Travis’ Reaction To The Gender Reveal

Travis, the husband of Kourtney, also put up clips of them kissing at the gender reveal show. He was all smiles in all the pictures and videos posted online. Like his wife, he wished his wife a safe delivery and hoped their boy would be healthy.

Urgent Surgery

Kourtney had a medical emergency in September 2023 and had to undergo surgery to ensure her safety, and the baby’s. It was a sensitive and scary time for Kourtney and her family, especially since Travis was away at that time. Moreover, Kourtney had previously given birth to three babies without a problem. So, she didn’t expect something life-threatening would happen to her and her then-unborn baby.


Kim shared a post on her Instagram after her successful surgery. She detailed how frightened she was at the scary situation. She was relieved that the surgery gave her and her baby a chance to live. Kourtney also thanked the doctors who worked to make this true and thanked her family, especially her husband, for being her support. Travis wasn’t with Kourtney when she was rushed to the operating room because he was on tour. But on receiving the news of her operation, he rushed to be with her.

Kourtney’s Reaction To Her Surgery

Kourtney further went on to praise pregnant women who had to face the fear of losing the babies in their wombs. According to her, she didn’t expect something like that to happen and feared losing her baby. She ended the post by saying that she never wanted to experience that kind of fear again.


Lastly, Kourtney and Travis are an iconic duo who have been together for a year. The two have weathered so many storms together and have come out stronger. Their marriage is filled with so much love, that their baby boy will certainly be well-loved. The baby will also be surrounded by love from his extended family.

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