How to Build a Sales Website

Sales Website

Shopping sites for clothes, food products, furniture, raw materials – everything is available through a quick search, clicking the ‘add to cart’ button, entering a credit payment method and all that remains to do is wait. How little do we know, that the process of building a sales website is so complex and contains so many aspects; Business manager, programming, design, content, marketing… In the next article, we will delve into the process of building a sales website, and how we at Mandy Web Design perceive this product.

What is a sales site?

First and foremost, let’s dig deeper and understand what this site means. On a sales site, you can sell and buy different products. We see this on sites like ksp that offer everything from computers to garden equipment to dedicated product sites like Terminal X that only sell clothing and accessories. These are ‘department’ style sales sites, and there are sales sites for specific companies, sales sites for raw materials, and sales sites for chains. In fact, the process of building a sales site depends on the characterization of the business and its products and how it contributes, contributes, and affects the market segment of its products. 

Sales site characteristics

Building a sales site requires consideration of many factors, and in this paragraph, we will refer to the more technical elements of these sites:

Site loading speed – a sales site should be fast in its responsiveness and especially during the loading time of the home page. Since a sales site is like a store in the market, a lack of accessibility upon entering the site or store will probably cause the surfer and the potential customer to leave the site.

Surfing is adapted – today most of the surfing on the Internet is done during the day on mobile phones. During the construction process of a sales site, the site code should be taken into account; open or closed, and its navigation adapted to mobile browsers.

Clear hierarchy – a sales site should be structured in the form of a tree: navigation should be simple and convenient according to categories and subcategories, similar to a family tree. From the home page, it should lead to categories, and from there to subcategories, and from there to products and product pages.

Purchase system – every sales site should include a convenient option to accumulate products in the shopping basket of each surfer, and during the purchase and order phase there must be a secure payment option. The more you increase the payment options (credit, PayPal, etc.), the more you will increase the site’s accessibility and ease of use. 

User experience

In the site’s features, we touched very briefly on the ease of browsing, and now we will deepen this very important aspect of building a sales site. Let’s start with the familiar title UX\UI: user experience and user interface. When you build a website that includes purchase and payment options, unlike other websites, the user interface and browsing experience take on a different meaning. If in image websites and landing pages, we are talking about a small number of pages on the website and a seemingly not-too-complex design complex, building a sales website requires a broader perspective. 

Multiple web pages, categories and subcategories, personal areas, colors, the design of the virtual buttons, and italics must be taken into account. All of these should be designed in such a way that keeps the surfer on the site, makes his research, and is interested, until the moment he decides to make a purchase. 

Order management interface

When working on the construction of a sales site, one of the basic principles is to adapt the sales system and order confirmation to the customer and implement a convenient management system. Here at Brandviz, it is very clear that a sales website is designed to increase the exposure of the business and its sales while doing proper marketing through accessible management tools. Our experience as a company allows us to work with clients who want to take their business to the next level, using the tools we provide with each website; Management of sales and order system, fast reactivity of the site, order confirmations, creation of an automatic response cave to customer email addresses, building a personal area and more.

Organic promotion for a sales website

Building a sales website includes the implementation of an organic promotion option. What does that mean? Every website, including sales websites, has a page called a blog. In this part of the site, you can insert articles with content that is relevant to the site’s products, its business nature, and in fact – everything that the site’s hand touches. These articles and articles should be written according to the marketing writing format that allows Google to identify articles according to the structure of the main title, paragraph, and sub-headings. 

These articles should contain phrases that rank as very common in Google’s search options. On top of these phrases, you can embed links to different pages on your sales website, depending on the topic of course. Promotion to the website, which is done naturally, without the need for payment. Of course, you must import quality, informative, and professional content to the site; So you have to find excellent content writers.

Promoting funded

Sponsored promotion for a sales site is part of its construction process, but not necessary first and foremost. After building a sales site, from the moment the site is stable, it needs to be distributed and promoted so that it bears fruit. The sponsored promotion option includes promotion options in Google ads, listing the site as a business in Google Maps.

Additional factors on a sales site

It is important to understand that building a sales site is not enough to have a standing and stable sales site. You must take into account that there is a complete business perspective on the website and that it is a tool for increasing the monthly sales volume and marketing the business. A sales site will not provide you with a set of deliveries, customer service, and technical support for surfers. While it is possible to program customer response options on the website, you must take care of the manpower that will provide the various customer services.

Mandy Web Design and website building

At Mandy Web Design, we offer our customers the most comprehensive and efficient website-building process you can find. Our clients receive one of the most comprehensive branding processes you can find, which includes building a language for the website, a unique design, and organizational adaptation to its management according to its workforce. After that, we will dive deep into the process with graphic design that will be done by our experts. 

With us, it is clear that time equals money, and a sales site should be active, accessible, and available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. At the end of the website construction process, we will perform quality control on all the website pages and perform a run-through of the website to check its integrity. In addition to this, we will implement tools that allow tracking the movement of surfers on the site and tools for statistical analysis.

Sales websites suitable for?

A sales site is suitable for any business that has a product it wants to sell on a scale that is larger than the physical location of the business, for owners of an existing physical store, and for anyone who sells services. A sales site usually refers to a site that contains product pages and it will usually be a website that contains a large number of pages. 

At the same time, it is clear that there are also sales sites that are more marketing and through which you can make advance payments for a certain service, such as purchasing subscriptions to various businesses, pre-ordering products, and more. In fact, anyone with a service that can be paid for over the Internet will be able to enjoy the many benefits of a sales website.

How to begin

You are already in the right place. Mandy Web Design specializes in website designing services, everything related to the construction and design of websites, including building a sales site is not a foreign process to us. All you have to do is contact us through the WhatsApp number at the top of the page, and you are already on the right track. 

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