5 Tips to note when Creating Google Virtual Tour

Google virtual tour

Virtual tours are now becoming a popular and effective marketing tool in the online business world. The real estate industry, in particular, is the most common user of virtual tours like the Google virtual tour. They use these virtual tours to showcase properties to clients which allows the clients to view the properties anytime and anywhere. 

In addition, other industries are now finding ways on how they can use a VR tour for their business. Thus, many are learning how to create a virtual tour Singapore project in the most efficient way. If you are planning to create a Google virtual tour, there are things that you need to take note of. That is why in this article, we will give you 5 tips to note in creating this type of VR tour effectively.

Tip #1 – Make sure the location of the Google virtual tour is presentable

The technique to be able to create an incredible virtual tour Singapore experience is to make the location presentable. This is most especially important if you are creating a Google virtual tour. There need to be no distracting elements in the image so when you are piecing the images together, your VR tour will look more professional. Therefore, you need to have the place cleaned or the place reserved so no item or person will become a distracting element in the image. If that is not feasible, the next option is to hire a photo editor to remove these unwanted elements for the virtual tour images. 

Tip #2 – Add something attractive to the location

Removing the unnecessary items is not the only way to make the virtual tour Singapore photos look professional. Another tip is to add something attractive to the location. In the case of a house for sale, leaving the house bare may let it look unattractive. That is why it is best to add furniture and decorative elements in the house during the photoshoot for the Google virtual tour. However, you need to keep in mind that the furniture and decorative items must not be distracting but rather complement the overall images for the VR tour.

Tip #3 – Take note of the timing

Timing is important in photography and that is also the same when taking virtual tour Singapore pictures. This tip is highly essential when you are taking pictures of outdoor locations. The right timing will get you the right lighting exposure that will make the images more clear and will look great in the Google virtual tour.

However, you don’t necessarily need to wait a lot to get the right photos. If time is limited, the best option is to take the shoots and have the photos edited. This way you can edit the lighting to make it look more clear without sacrificing the natural elements of the images to be used in the VR tour.

Tip #4 – Make sure the VR tour is personalized for you

It is important to take note that there are existing locations that already have a virtual tour. For example in the real estate industry, a property owner may have hired more than one property agent so the property will sell faster. As a result, there is a huge possibility that more than one property agent is using virtual tour technology to create a virtual tour Singapore viewing for the property. Creating a Google virtual tour may create the same virtual tour experience. That is why it is important that the VR tour is personalized for you. 

Tip #5 – Hire a virtual tour Singapore company

Customizing a virtual tour is not easy if you are doing it all by yourself. That is why it is essential that you hire a virtual tour Singapore company to create it for you. These VR tour creators are experts in customizing virtual tours especially those made through Google virtual tour creator. Although this will be an added cost to you, the quality of the virtual tour will be 100 times better than if you created it.

Hire Digital Solutions

Following these tips will help you gain a Google virtual tour for your business. However, as a business owner, it may become difficult for you to find time to learn how to create a VR tour. You also need to learn photography skills to get the right shots for the virtual tour. Moreover, you also need to find time to prepare the place you want to create a virtual tour of. All of that can be very time-consuming. Thus, if you have a lot of other things to do, it is best to hire a virtual tour Singapore firm. 

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