How Can a Caregiver Protect a Cancer Patient from COVID-19?


Cancer is the most dangerous disease in human history. Caring for a cancer patient is very challenging even during normal times. The situation after the COVID-19 outbreak has made it all the more difficult. As a caregiver for your loved ones, who are suffering from a lot of complexities due to cancer, you also have to protect them from the wide-spreading COVID-19 virus.

To do so, the first important thing is to take care of yourself, and not get affected by the virus. If a cancer patient gets infected with COVID, it will be very hard for him to recover because he would have already lost his immunity to cancer. As a caregiver, you have to do your best to protect them and ease their pain. Here are a few ways that will help you to take proper care of a cancer patient.

1. Be a Protector

You should limit the exposure of your loved ones to cancer. Take the responsibility to go to the market and buy all the groceries and medications. Do not allow guests to directly get in contact with the cancer patient. Take care of yourself, wear a mask and keep social distancing while outside. You can’t protect your loved ones if you get infected with the virus. You have to sacrifice a lot of things. In these hard times, you have to keep motivating them and talk more with them.

2. Be Safe at Home

Try to avoid too many trips outside. Organize your shopping list and all your needs. If possible, ask some other family member to buy all the stuff from the market, while you stay safe at home with your loved ones who need you. Monitor your health and consult a doctor even if you notice a minor change in your body. You may be the source from whom the cancer patient may get infected. That’s why you have to take more care of yourself. Plan to get vaccinated as early as possible.

3. Navigate Health Care Issues

Be aware of all the symptoms caused due to the virus. Regularly check your health as well as the health of your loved ones by performing various home tests. Buy an oximeter to check your oxygen level. Reduction in oxygen level can be the biggest indicator of coronavirus infection. If you or your loved ones notice some symptoms, get testedimmediately; don’t delay seeking care. Almost every cancer hospital in Delhi provides a free covid test for cancer patients. Join online communities and support networks to help combat the loneliness and stress of caring for loved ones during the pandemic.

4. Sanitize and Clean Your Surroundings

You have to pay utmost attention to cleaning your place. The coronavirus can stay alive for up to eight hours on a non-living thing. You have to constantly clean the room of your loved one who is going through hard times of suffering from cancer. Call a sanitizing team every week to sanitize and kill all the germs and viruses. The more you keep your area clean, the more you will be safe from the deadly virus.

5. Stay in Touch with Friends and Family

As a caregiver, you should plan to have video calls for your loved ones with other relatives and friends. A small conversation with friends may help in keeping a positive environment. Stay in touch with all the people and contact them regularly to keep away the feeling of loneliness. This will remind you that you are not alone in this fight.

6. Maintain Medications

Read the labels of all prescription drugs carefully and make sure to administer the correct doses. Try to maintain a daily log of doses. Make sure that every drug is made available before time. Look for the pharmacies that provide home delivery.

7. Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is the last and the most important thing in this time of the pandemic. It is good to keep a positive environment. Indulge in activities that you can do at home and will keep you entertained and create a lively environment. Plan to watch movies and pursue your hobbies. Don’t worry too much and keep faith in god.

Taking care of yourself is a hard task in these conditions, and you are now responsible for two lives. Stay strong and do your best for your loved one.

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