5 Signs You are Breathing Wrong and What It Affects

Breathing Wrong

Proper breathing is the key to physical and psychological health. Its most important and simple task is to fill the lungs with oxygen. Throughout our life, we ​​breathe and do not even notice exactly how we do it. Only in cases of some difficulty or too frequent shortness of breath do we pay attention to it. But what if you find out that practically your entire existence has been breathing incorrectly.

It seems that nothing is easier than breathing – you just inhale pure oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, so what’s the problem? 5 signs of improper breathing will just help to understand this and show what it can affect in the future.

Feel frequent shortness of breath

The most common symptom of improper breathing is frequent shortness of breath, which can accompany a person even if they are doing minor activities. It can be caused by many reasons, ranging from bad habits to being overweight. The most important thing is to consult a doctor in time for the examination. It’s better to visit a doctor at a professional center like Premier health center to avoid any chronic ailment.

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Breathe through your mouth

Most people can get used to breathing through the mouth in due time, without noticing this change. This often occurs after any injury to the nose or illness, when a person is forced to breathe through the mouth. It is worthwhile to stop for a while and pay attention to your own breathing, and then try to accustom yourself to the standard intake of oxygen through the nose.


When inhaling, you feel some pain in the chest area

If you feel discomfort in the chest or even back, then this is a clear sign that you are breathing incorrectly and may have some lung problems. Sometimes things may not be so scary, as most often this happens due to improper posture, when a person very often hunches over in a sitting and standing position. In this case, it is necessary to work precisely with the development of correct posture.

pain in the chest area

Can’t do work for a long time

While doing our usual work, we can very often take a break for a break in order to restore strength and breathing. But if this happens very often and you have not noticed this before, then this suggests that it is time to contact a specialist.


Unable to take one deep breath

Drop everything for a moment and try to take one normal, deep breath. If you do not feel discomfort, then everything is fine, but if you breathe through your chest, then it is bad because you are doing it wrong.

deep breath

Instead of breathing through the chest, it is necessary to do it with the help of the diaphragm of the muscles: the abdomen should be drawn in and out while the chest and shoulders remain in their original position.

Improper breathing can literally affect the entire state of the body, since the blood, circulating, is not sufficiently cleansed of toxins and waste, gradually poisoning us, thereby becoming an open door for many diseases.

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