Is Basketball Player Aaron Dotson Migos Rapper, Takeoff?

Aaron Dotson

Born in 1991, Aaron Dotson is a 32-year-old famous and talented basketball player well-known in the sports industry. However, over the last few months, he has been in the top headlines not because of his game but for some other reason. The Internet is loaded with various videos that claim Aaron Dotson and the late rapper Takeoff is one. Yes, you read that right!

Many people find the basketball player and the rapper the same person. That’s strange, right? However, before we dive deeper and solve the mystery. Let’s get to know each personality separately.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Who is Aaron Dotson?

If you are a big fan of basketball, then you must have heard of Aaron Dotson. Landed on the planet on March 31, 1991, Aaron is a well-known American basketball player. He was born to Anthony St. and Adrienne Dotson in Seattle, Washington State. He is not the only son of his parents.

He has one younger sibling, Averi, and one elder brother named Anthony Jr. Aaron is often referred to by using his initials A.D. Talking about his studies, he completed his schooling at Garfield High School in Seattle. Since his childhood only, he had a keen interest in sports and wanted to pursue a career in basketball.

With so many years of hard work, immense dedication, and effort, Aaron achieved a big name in the sports world. Throughout his journey, he has received multiple offers for several programs to excel and grow in his sports career. The 32-year-old basketball player is best known for his passing, rebounding, and scoring skills in the game. He is also famous as an excellent shooter. Currently, Aaron is an available agent and is free to sign with any team. 

Who is Takeoff?

Born in 1994, Kirsnick Khari Ball, professionally popular as Takeoff was an American rapper. Takeoff was a significant and celebrated name in the music industry. He was well-known and recognized as the youngest member of the American hip-hop group Migos. The trio group included Takeoff along with his uncle, Quavo, and cousin, Offset.

The group achieved various top-10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 including Stir Fry, MotorSport, and Walk It Talk It just to name a few. The late rapper even won nominations for Grammy Awards. However, his sudden news of death came like a bolt from the blue for the entire music industry. It was on November 1, 2022, when he was brutally shot multiple times in the head and torso in Houston, Texas.

The unfortunate incident happened after an argument took place between groups assembled outside the venue, with a minimum of 2 gunshots being fired. The loss of such a budding and successful rapper shocked his fans and other people around the world.

Are Aaron Dotson & the Rapper Takeoff the Same Person?

This is one of the questions that have been trending on the internet and social media platforms since the death of the rapper and member of the Migos group. In fact, many TikTok videos claimed that the basketball player and the rapper are one. Many people are curious to know if Aaron is Takeoff himself because of their strong resemblance with one another. 

The news Aaron Dotson is Takeoff created buzz and went viral after the American singer, actor, and rapper Orlando Brown mentioned in an interview that Takeoff is Aaron Dotson and he is living a good life in Atlanta. When Orlando was asked to explain his statement, he further mentioned that people should Google Aaron to see Takeoff in his eyes.

He further added that Takeoff was frustrated with his current life and that’s the reason he opted for a new form. Orlando also stated that Takeoff circulated the fake news of his death.

While many people accepted the claim that Aaron is Takeoff, some still are doubtful because both personalities were born and raised in different locations.

The Viral TikTok Trend

After Orland Brown’s shocking statement, the viral TikTok trend Aaron Dotson is Takeoff took the internet by storm. Many people started uploading side-by-side pictures of Aaron and Takeoff on their social media platforms to show the similarities in their looks.

Numerous videos have been buzzing TikTok claiming that Aaron is Takeoff and the rapper is still alive. Whether or not Aaron is Takeoff still remains unclear and a mystery.

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