Why Applicant Tracking System is More Important than you Think

Applicant Tracking System

Hiring the right candidates at the right time for your business is the key to successfully leading your business towards its goals. But often, recruitment is the biggest bottleneck for businesses, especially the ones that are still in the early stage of an established organization such as startups and small-sized businesses. The need of hiring is comparatively higher than that of a big or stable organization that hardly struggles while hiring candidates.

This is simply because most of these companies have a well-managed recruitment process, backed by HR tools such as an applicant tracking system. Such software allows them to find and recruit candidates as soon as the top talent appears on the market. And hence, small businesses are left hanging in the middle, struggling to find the right fit for a position for months.

Most small-sized businesses often avoid investing in HR tools that offer features such as this, as some believe it’s either too complicated for their level or might create a big hole in their budget. But that isn’t the case at all, instead, modern recruitment software often streamlines the hiring process while reducing the overall cost of the process. If recruiting top talent is your goal, here are three features of the applicant tracking system that you cannot miss out on. 

Automated Job Posting

A major issue businesses face is understanding and identifying different job boards. It is crucial to identify the right place to post your job requirements to attract the ideal candidate. If you have had no luck with recruitment from a job board and still keep posting there, you are just wasting your resources.

An applicant tracking system allows you to find the right job boards where you might find the best candidates for an open position in your company. But that’s not all; you can also automate job listings to each one of these job boards. You can even connect your website’s career page with the tool and it will keep updating it automatically each time you have a new opening in your company.

Imagine the amount of time your HR department will save once these repetitive tasks are automated. They will have enough time to focus on things that will actually improve the business instead of getting burnt out and hating the process itself.

Create Talent Pools

Having an HR software that automates job listing for you is good and all but it would again become a bit repetitive if you have to go through the whole process again the next time. Hence to solve such scenarios, an applicant tracking system offers you the ability to create talent pools.

The details and application of best matched candidates can be saved for the future. So when the next time a position is available, you already have a list ready for recruiting. This is especially helpful when there is a need of immediate replacement or when an employee is promoted.

Each time you post new job listings, the applicant tracking system can find candidates, screen their application, find the best match based on the requirements, and schedule the interview with the hiring managers. When the process is over, the remaining candidates that matched best, can be saved to the talent pool.


As an HR manager, you must understand the value of data from various HR processes. It is simple really, if you can measure something, it is easier to manage. There is no point in investing in modern tools, if you cannot utilise the insights they offer. 

To make your recruitment process more efficient, you need analytics with your applicant tracking system. Not only do you hire efficiently, you also get meaningful insights from the tool to help improve the recruitment process even further. 

With regular reports and clear visualization, it is much easier to track the success of your hiring efforts. Further, most of the modern recruitment software offer centralized data storage, which enables your HR managers to access all the data at one platform. 

Features like these not only improve your recruitment process, but it also boosts the HR department’s productivity in the office. Invest in a recruitment management software today, to transform how you hire candidates.

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