Liam Flockhart: All About Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart’s Son

Liam Flockhart

Liam Flockhart, the son of famous actors Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, recently graduated from Amherst College. This accomplishment has caught the public’s attention.  The couple has been quiet about their private life, but sometimes they show us glimpses of their relationship and Liam. In this article, we will get to know more about Liam Flockhart. We’ll look at his bond with his parents and find out what he’s achieved.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart’s Relationship 

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have built a strong and enduring relationship that has stood the test of time. The couple has been in a relationship for many years and has managed to stay famous while also keeping their lives private.

Their love story began in 2002 when they met at the Golden Globe Awards, one year after Flockhart adopted her son, Liam. Despite their significant age difference, with Ford being 22 years older than Flockhart, the couple formed a deep connection that has lasted to this day.

After several years of dating, Ford and Flockhart announced their engagement in 2009. The following year, in a private ceremony held in New Mexico, they exchanged vows and became husband and wife. This marked Ford’s third marriage, having previously been married to Mary Marquardt and Melissa Mathison.

Before exchanging their vows in 2010, the couple lived together for almost ten years. Harrison Ford, who was on the set of the movie Cowboys and Aliens in New Mexico, tied the knot with Calista Flockhart. Liam, their son, was approximately nine years old when his parents got married, and Harrison was 67 years old at the time.

The Journey of Adoption

Calista adopted Liam Flockhart on January 21, 2001. Born on the same day in California, the delightful Liam is now 22 years old as of 2023.

Liam is a proud citizen of the United States, his birthplace, and developed an early interest in singing and dancing in his school days. His talents shone bright, bringing him much delight and recognition.

Harrison Ford entered Liam’s life in 2002, the year he started dating Calista. Liam quickly became part of Harrison’s family, having four older siblings to look up to. Liam’s biological parents remain unknown to this day. 

Liam was inspired to learn and explore, so he put in the effort and graduated from Amherst College located in Massachusetts. This college is well-known for its liberal arts studies. Ford had 4 kids from previous relationships. He welcomed Liam to their family with lots of love. Now they are complete. 

Liam Flockhart: Siblings

Benjamin Ford

Benjamin “Ben” Ford, Ford’s oldest son, was born on September 22, 1966, soon after his father began acting. Benjamin grew up to make a name for himself in the culinary world.

He’s 57 years old and owns Ford’s Filling Station. He wrote a cookbook called Taming the Feast which is a guide to adventurous cooking. Originally a baseball enthusiast, a career-ending injury prompted his passion for food.

Benjamin shares a beautiful family life with his wife, Emily Ford, and their two children, Ethan and Waylon. His father remains a pillar of strength, instilling him with resilience as a young father and inspiring him to pursue his dreams. Even today, a Father’s Day post by Benjamin features a heartwarming photo of him and his dad grilling together.

Willard Ford

On May 14, 1969, Willard Ford, son of Ford and Marquardt, was born. Unlike his older brother, Willard pursued interests beyond the glamorous life of Hollywood. He studied American Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and is now an entrepreneur.

Willard has the Strong Sports Gym, which is a fitness center in Los Angeles. He also runs the Kim Sing Theatre which is known for its performances and events. Brands like BMW and Nike made use of the space regularly.

Willard’s success is reflected in his two children, Eliel and Guiliana Ford, who bring him immense pride and joy. Ford is famous for his acting and his powerful personality, but it’s through his son that he’s left a special heritage to the world. This goes beyond just the glamorous parts of show business.

Malcolm Ford

In 1987, Ford and Mathison welcomed their son, Malcolm Ford, best known for his successful career in the music industry. As the lead singer of The Dough Rollers, Malcolm opened for legendary acts like Bob Dylan and Queens of the Stone Age. Interestingly, his bandmate, Jack Byrne, is the son of Ellen Barkin and Gabriel Byrne.

Malcolm’s interest in music deviated from his family’s reputation in acting. In a 2013 interview, Malcolm shared that he did not grow up with music playing in his household. Instead, he found his passion for punk and rock music and quickly fell in love with the band, Green Jellÿ. 

Today, Malcolm continues to make music and forge his path in the industry, leaving behind yet another successful legacy within his illustrious family.

Georgia Ford

On June 30, 1990, Ford and Mathison welcomed their only daughter, Georgia Ford. Like her father, Georgia pursued a career in acting and starred in several films like American Milkshake, True Story and I’m Being Me.

Ford has mostly kept his family life private, but he spoke about Georgia’s struggles with epilepsy in a speech at NYU Langone Medical Center’s Find a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures (FACES) event in 2016. The proud dad shed tears as he shared that the proper diagnosis and medication ended Georgia’s seizures after not having one in eight years.

In a statement to NY Daily News, Ford praised Georgia’s perseverance, talent, and strength, calling her his hero. In honor of his daughter, he auctioned off his beloved Han Solo jacket to benefit epilepsy research in March 2016. In the same month, the father-daughter duo was seen bonding over lunch in New York City.

Liam Flockhart – Net Worth 

Despite being the son of two highly successful Hollywood actors, Liam Flockhart has yet to establish his own career in the entertainment industry. Currently, he remains financially dependent on his parents as he navigates his path in life. 

However, Liam’s parents are no strangers to financial success. His dad, Harrison Ford, is a famous movie star who has more than $300 million in money. His mom, Calista Flockhart, has an amazing amount of wealth worth about $30 million. Harrison’s film career has spanned decades, and his contributions to blockbuster hits have grossed a jaw-dropping $5.1 billion just in the US alone. 

Meanwhile, Calista’s acting career has been equally iconic, with her most memorable roles including Ally McBeal, Kitty Walker, and Cat Grant on popular television series. With such Hollywood legends for parents, Liam Flockhart undoubtedly has big footsteps to follow.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart at Son Liam’s Graduation

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, who have been happily married for 13 years, celebrated their son Liam’s college graduation from Amherst College in Massachusetts in May 2023. The couple cheerfully blended in with other parents who were also witnessing their offspring receive diplomas.

Calista looked sleek in a white short-sleeved dress with lace panels on the bodice and skirt. She opted for a natural and effortless makeup look and straightened her dark blonde hair. She brought along a cream purse and sweater while snapping photos of her dashing young graduate son, 22-year-old Liam.

Harrison looked nice in his outfit. He wore a navy blue suit with a light blue shirt, dark sunglasses, and neat gray hair.

As Liam crossed the stage in a simple black cap and gown, his parents’ adoring eyes followed him with immense pride. They both embraced their son in congratulations, conveying their enthusiasm for Liam’s well-earned success.

Final Words

Liam Flockhart might be the son of Hollywood legends Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, but he has always stood apart from his parent’s shadows. While Liam remains financially dependent upon his parents, it is clear that he has built a close and supportive relationship with them. Recently, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart attended their son’s graduation where they watched him receive his diploma with immense pride. Liam’s talent and hard work have been celebrated, and he has a bright future ahead of him. As we move forward, we look forward to witnessing Liam’s path and the footsteps he creates.

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