Liam Costner: All About Kevin Costner’s Son

Liam Costner

26 years old Liam Costner is Bridget Rooney and Kevin Costner‘s son. He is also William Koch’s stepson through his mother’s marriage to the man. Both his parents are famous actors in America. Not much is known about the tall Liam Costner because he values his privacy. This is why this article will delve into the lives of Liam and his family.

Liam’s biological parents’ relationship

Liam’s father and mother’s relationship was full of ups and downs. They had to separate because they couldn’t overcome the obstacles. Their separation occurred when Liam Costner was young. Bridget didn’t let the failed relationship affect her or prevent her from finding true love. She got together with William Koch, a billionaire, after her split from Kevin. Kevin’s family welcomed Bridget and her son with open arms.

Family members

Liam’s family is big and famous. He has six half-siblings from his father’s side. He doesn’t have a sibling from the same father and mother. What it means is that he only has half-siblings, not direct ones. All his siblings are his father’s children from his other two marriages. 

What do his siblings do?

Some of them act in movies, while others are Hollywood celebrities. Some of them are actors and actresses with impressive acting portfolios. Even though he and his siblings share the same father, but different mothers, they are close. Liam’s siblings love and support each other. Furthermore, he has several extended families from his dad’s and mom’s sides.

All about Liam’s mother

Bridget is Liam’s mom and a popular actress in America. The 61-year-old is a TV media personality and gives back to society. Bridget comes from an affluent family and was raised in such. She has five older siblings who are also successful in their careers. Bridget’s extended and close family are into entertainment and sports. Their grandfather was a wealthy man who initially owned a national football club.

Her professional career

Bridget has appeared in many television and movie roles. Her most prominent one was a zombie movie that was produced in 2011. Unlike her son, Bridget enjoys staying in the limelight and attends parties and social events. She stays with her current spouse in their house in America.

Liam Costner’s father

Kevin is a renowned actor who is famous in Hollywood for his acting abilities. He met Bridge at a golf course, and they fell in love. The pair didn’t last long, though. Some said that Kevin hadn’t divorced his first ex-wife when he first met Bridget. Kevin and Bridget later split and didn’t get back together. Both became involved with other people and got married to them respectively. In fact, Liam attended his mother’s marriage to his stepfather.

Kevin’s acting roles

Kevin has played lots of roles ever since he turned to acting. His first appearance was in a big film, but unfortunately, his part was cut off. Two years after that, he shot to fame with the help of another role. One year after he became a success, another movie role made him more popular. The movie role was a detective role, and Kevin played the role perfectly. Kevin’s detective role in the movie won him a very prestigious award in recognition of his hard work.

Liam’s stepfather

William Koch, Liam’s stepfather, is very close to Liam and very much involved in his life. Liam confirmed this by always saying good things about his stepfather. He said that William has been a positive influence in his life. William and Liam’s mother met after she and Liam’s father called it quits. Even though his mom and stepdad have quite an age gap, they didn’t let it stop them from dating and subsequently getting married. They proved people wrong by staying married for years.

Liam’s personality

Liam Costner has a rather quiet personality and prefers to do his things privately. It is understandable as he comes from an influential and well-connected family and knows how nosy the media is. In addition, Liam seldom posts his private life on social media for people to nitpick.

Career path

Liam works in the real estate sector, unlike his parents and some of his siblings who are celebrities. He truly loves his work in the property industry and doesn’t want to be an actor or socialite. Liam Costner purchases and sells properties and works as a middleman for his customers. His impressive portfolios and dedication attract clients from all walks of life who appreciate his work ethic.

His net worth

Liam is worth a huge fortune, partly from his stepdad and the rest comes from his job. His stepfather reportedly gave him an 800 million dollar inheritance. This is not surprising because his stepdad, William, is worth billions of dollars. William’s willingness to give part of his fortune to his stepson shocked many because it was a rare and kind gesture.


Liam Costner is a very hardworking young man who doesn’t rely on his parents’ money and fame. He is proof that not all celebrity kids rely on their parents. He has built a career for himself, and he’s an authority in his field.

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