5 Remarkable Tips To Recycle Or Reuse Cookie Packaging

5 Remarkable Tips To Recycle Or Reuse Cookie Packaging

Cookies are one of the most consumed snacks all around the world. Most people like to have delicious cookies with a cup of tea in the afternoon or while they are watching their favorite TV show or game. Many bakery owners are selling delicious for their targeted customers while the packed cookies are equally popular. They choose attractive custom cookie packaging so all the consumers cannot stop their temptation when it comes to purchasing cookies. As there are so many cookies sold in a day we need to understand that a lot of waste is created. We must dispose of the boxes of cookies properly so they don’t fill up the landfills excessively. Here are 5 remarkable tips to recycle or reuse cookie packaging.

Interesting Facts

It is not surprising that a cookie box can easily be reused as recycled as it is clean. Most of these boxes are either made of cardboard, Kraft, corrugated material, or paper that is why it is easy to recycle. Make sure that the recycled load is not contaminated or greasy as it will become difficult to dispose of such boxes. The sustainability goals can be fulfilled if the load is not sent to the landfills deteriorating the environment. The best way to recycle cookie packaging is to consume all the cookies first and throw them in the box into the trash bin before putting them for recycling. Decomposing the cookie boxes can be a challenging task. If it is done properly in an ideal condition it will take about 90 days to biodegrade or decompose. It is important to set up a recycling campaign and communicate with people why recycling is essential. If the graphics are not clear it will not make an impact on others.

Don’t Forget Composting

Composting is a good alternative to cookie box recycling as the box can be directly sent into the organic collection without putting any effort. Some people believe that it can attract bugs or mosquitoes in the entire area and cause a bad smell too. Nowadays many municipalities are welcoming cookie packaging in their organic collection campaigns and programs. Many countries have also set up their composting programs for the used boxes of cookies and composted over thousands in a month. They also need to communicate and educate people about the campaign especially after the launch and keep reporting about the progress. When more people will know about it the campaign will lead to a lot of success.

Setting Up Cookie Box Recycling

If you want to set up a cookie box recycling program make sure you choose an ideal location. The success will depend a lot on the area you choose. It has been observed that cookies are consumed in offices, homes, cafeterias, and dorms or schools. The next important step is to find the right size of a container according to the number of boxes generated in that particular facility. When you launch the program make sure you educate all the employees, customers, homeowners, and students about this bin.

They should know that the cookie packaging can be thrown into bins and later in the organic stream or recycling. The container or bin can be customized according to the size and shape of the box. The best option will be to choose those containers that can encourage stacking or folding of the boxes. The waste will be diverted from the landfills keeping the environment clean for breathing. If you want to educate people about the recycling program using graphics and meaningful messages can work wonders for achieving success.

Prepare Cookie Boxes For Disposal

Before you think about disposing of the cookie boxes you need to know whether the municipality allows recycling waste or not. If they accept it you will have to check the box clearly before taking it there. You may have to cut the part if there are any free stickers around the cardboard. If you live in a place where recycling is not an option, you can choose to go for composting. The waste materials will enrich the soil and won’t hinder the landfills with this process. It will become easy to clean the mess if you don’t order too many cookies at home and try some home-baked cookies instead. It will be a big treat for the family when cookies are freshly baked at home and you can eat them on your plate rather than having piles of boxes at home.

Reuse Cookie Boxes At Home

If you are a good cook you can make delicious cookies at home and store them inside the cookie box that you have purchased previously. You can use the same box again rather than ordering new ones often. The best thing is that these boxes can be torn and used for many other purposes. We can reduce and reuse the cookie packaging and keep the environment safe. You can easily throw away that box which can be used by someone else or else it will continue to pollute the environment and your place. If this isn’t enough, you can also keep these boxes for storing your products at home. Cookie boxes can be used to store art and craft supplies for your children. It is also easy to recycle them by throwing them into the bin so cleaning agencies can take them away and reuse them for some other purposes.

Can You Recycle Cookie Boxes?

Many people have this question in mind that whether the cookie boxes can be recycled or not. The answer is yes as they are clean and grease or oil-free it is easy to recycle them. It will reduce the carbon footprint and keep the landfills safe.

What Are Cookie Boxes Made Of?

Cookie boxes are mostly made of cardboard and it is easy to recycle them. The best thing is that it is affordable and sustainable which is why many brands are using it for packing delicious cookies. It will also help them retain freshness and good taste for a long time.

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