Interesting Facts About Jessica Ditzel, Joe Rogan’s Wife

Joe Rogan's wife

Jessica Ditzel, an ex-model herself, got married to media personality, Joe Rogan. The two met, fell in love, dated, got married, and are currently raising their kids together. As a public figure with a celebrity for a husband, it is surprising to note that Jessica loves to be behind the camera. The woman who is popularly known for being Joe Rogan’s wife has strived to keep her family off the media. Renowned for her stunning beauty, the 48-year-old American celebrity loves to spend time with her family.

Jessica Ditzel As a Person

Apart from being Joe Rogan‘s wife, Jessica also has her personality and career. Some people sometimes call her Jessica Rogan. She was a popular model before she met Joe and now works as a producer. However, she has since retired from modeling and other related activities. People close to Jessica described her as a lovely person, wife, and mother. They also said that she doesn’t like to expose or divulge her personal life to the public. She believes that her family, especially her children, doesn’t need the media exposure.

Early childhood

Jessica was born, bred, and brought up in the United States. She studied in the United States, and is even raising her family in the same State she grew up in. Since Jessica grew up in Texas, she is considered to be a Texan native. She enjoys eating Texan cuisine and homemade food.

Parents And Siblings

Jessica was born to white parents who are Americans. She holds American citizenship and identifies as a Christian. Her father, Jeff, is a member of a local music group in her hometown. Jessica has an older sibling called Trinity.

Educational History

Jessica had her high school education in Texas. Upon completion of her high school studies, she was accepted into a Californian University for her tertiary education.


Jessica graduated from college and joined the workforce right after. She got a modeling job and did that for a while before working as an assistant at a car enterprise. Then resumed modelling again and got many brand ambassadorships from several major brands. Furthermore, Joe Rogan’s wife has been employed to analyze products at Volvo.

Current Job

Jessica is presently working as a television producer and has numerous shows under her belt, including some of Joe’s shows. In addition, she has been part of several movie production crews due to her years of experience. Not only that, she is also a major contributor to Joe’s podcasts.

Jessica’s husband

Joe Rogan is Jessica’s husband, and like Jessica, he’s also a public figure. Joe comments on UFC matches and once worked as a TV presenter. He also acts and does podcasts and comedy. Due to the nature of his job, Joe is used to the media, unlike his wife who rarely appears in the media.

Joe’s Professional Background

Joe is a diverse individual, and his multiple jobs attest to this. He has podcasts and comedy shows that he produces with Jessica. Joe also comments on UFC matches and acts in movies.

First Meeting Between The Spouse

In 2001, the pair were in a bar, noticed each other and the rest is history. They got into a romantic relationship that led to marriage eight years later. In 2009, the duo were joined together in holy matrimony in a private event in California. Only their family and closest friends were in attendance.

Jessica’s Children

Joe Rogan's wife

Jessica and Joe are happily married with children. Jessica got pregnant with her first daughter in 2008 and gave birth to her second daughter two years later. Additionally, Jessica has another daughter, Kayja, whom she gave birth to earlier before her marriage to Joe. The father of Jessica’s first child, Connor, is dead due to a fatal automobile accident. Nevertheless, Kayja lives with her mom, Jessica, stepfather, and her half-siblings. They all lived in California before moving to Texas. Kayja, like her mother, wants to work in the entertainment industry. However, unlike her mother, she is interested in singing as she is a good R&B singer.

Interesting Facts About Jessica

  • Jessica mostly works behind the scenes when producing Joe’s shows. This buttressed the point that she values her privacy greatly.
  • As revealed by Joe, Jessica is very disciplined, detail-oriented, and dedicated.
  • People often confuse her with Robert Schimmel’s daughter, Jessica Schimmel.
  • Jessica has been a waitress before and served cocktails to customers.
  • Hair: Jessica is a natural brunette, but she prefers to dye it a blond color sometimes. So don’t be surprised if you see her with blond hair.
  • Eyes: She has brown eyes.
  • Weight: Her weight is around 65 kg (143 pounds).
  • Height: Jessica is more than averagely tall, as she is about 178 cm (5ft 10 in) tall.


Finally, Jessica Rogan is a woman who works hard and has accomplished a lot in her career. She is Joe Rogan’s wife, a career woman, a mother, and a good businesswoman. She is very intelligent, diligent, reliable, and competent in whatever she does. As a result, many television and movie production companies clamored to have her on their team.

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